Can colon cleansing cause problems that affect the menstrual cycle? According to some women who have had the procedure done, they experienced disruptions in their menstrual cycles after the sessions. This is a reasonable question as any time health issues begin to appear after such a procedure, there is a question about any correlations between the two.

There are certain risks and side effects that are associated with colon cleansing, however; interference with the menstrual cycle is not one of them. There is no empirical evidence available to suggest a direct link and so the answer is an emphatic no, colon cleansing does not interfere with the menstrual cycle

Known risks and complications from colon cleansing

The identified risks involved with colon cleansing are dehydration, impairments in the functioning of the bowels and disruptions of the intestinal flora. Complications can arise is the proper precautions are not taken such as performing the procedure in an in-sterile environment or using contaminated tubes which can introduce bacteria into the body, resulting in potentially dangerous infection.

Most clinics that perform these procedures take special care to follow established protocols for sterility and sanitation. The supplies used to perform each session are disposable, intended only for single use. This helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and other harmful matter. Problems of this nature are most often seen when individuals use the do it yourself method for colon cleansing.

What is known about colon cleansing and the menstrual cycle?

There are no known complications with the menstrual cycle during or after colon cleansing. There are, however; some pretty good benefits which have been observed. Colon cleansing sessions are perfectly fine during the menstrual cycle. The only consideration to be made is that tampons must be removed prior to the treatment session. Colon cleansing, in particular hydrotherapy colon cleansing sessions are known to help relieve the cramping and pain associated with menses and the associated supplements are advocare cleanse and acai berry cleanse. Reports of menstrual issues after hydrotherapy cleansing sessions are extremely rare.

How colon cleansing helps relieve menstrual discomfort?

Menstruation, similar to colon cleansing is nature's way of cleansing the body of a woman as the old collections of fluids are dispelled through the vagina. Colon hydrotherapy, during or just prior to the start of the menstrual flow, helps to relieve the congestion that has built up in the pelvic region. This can help to ease the swelling and discomfort that is often associated with menses. It helps to make more room in the area. In addition to this, it also helps to improve circulation and helps the body to more quickly clear out the hormones which are responsible for many of the negative symptoms associated with menses.

Reports of menstrual issues after colon cleansing

The most likely explanation for the few women who reported having disruptions in their menstrual cycles after hydrotherapy colon cleansing sessions is that the issues were already present and simply had not yet manifested in the form of symptoms. There are no known linkages between colons cleansing being the cause of menstrual cycle disruptions. Although the procedure takes place in nearby organs, it does not involve any of the female reproductive organs and should have no effect upon their functions. The only possible scenario which could possibly connect colon cleaning by hydrotherapy and menstrual dysfunction would be in the event of the contraction of an infection which spread to the reproductive organs. Even this, is highly unlikely.

Other possible explanations

Stress or anxiety can have an impact on the functioning of the menstrual cycle. In theory, the stress of undergoing a colon cleansing procedure could possibly cause disruptions of this nature, although highly unlikely. The most plausible explanation is that the dysfunction would have occurred with or without the colon cleansing and the only true relationship is the coincidence and perhaps timing.


Although some women have reported menstrual dysfunction after receiving hydrotherapy colon cleansing, there is no factual evidence to support a link between the two. This does not mean that their symptoms are not real. Rather, they most likely exist due to a preexisting condition and would have happened with or without the session. Colon cleansing has been known to actually have a beneficial effect upon menstruation by easing the cramping and other symptoms when done just prior to or during a woman's period.