Now more and more private owners, we all want their car to drive a long time to reduce the cost of maintenance. Must learn to scientifically protect the car. Many owners in the purchase of a car, they hope it can always be as new, but often for the maintenance Sensor of a little knowledge on the way we lead to the wrong way, so not only can not play the role of car maintenance, but it will cause damage.

   Many new owners for the car do not understand, always think that oil to fill is a good thing, which is a lot of owners of the common problem. In fact, more oil, but very hurt the car. Because the car in order to ensure that the bearings and journal benign and smooth, you need to serve the oil to play the effect of this smooth agent, or will increase the wear and even lead to burning tile side of the incident, likely to cause increased resistance to the operation of the institutions; However, if too much oil , The engine at work crankshaft handle, connecting rod big end Suction Control Valve will produce violent agitation, not only increased the internal power loss of the engine, but also to splash the oil on the cylinder wall increased, resulting in burner oil failure. Therefore, the engine oil pan in the oil should be controlled in the oil dipstick between the upper and lower lines as well.

   There are many fasteners on the car with bolts and nuts, which should ensure that they have sufficient preload, but they can not be tightened too tightly. If the screw too tight, on the one hand will make the joint under the action of external force to produce permanent deformation; the other hand will make the bolt tensile deformation, preload instead of falling, and even cause the phenomenon of slip or broken.

   Car waxing is an important item in car care beauty, has been more and more owners of the concern and acceptance of friends. The purpose of car waxing is not only to make your car look bright, fresh, but also to protect the paint. Many people to the body waxing are customary way to circle, this is not the right way. The correct way to wax is a straight line, horizontal and vertical lines alternately, and then the direction of the rain flow of the last one, so as to reduce the surface of the car to produce concentric circular halo effect. In addition to master the waxing frequency. Due to the environment of the vehicle, different places of parking, waxing time interval should be different. There are generally garage parked, and more vehicles fuel metering valve on a good road, every 2 to 3 months to play a wax; open parking vehicles, due to wind and rain, the best every 1 to 2 months to play a wax. Of course, this is not a rigid requirement, the general hand touch the body feel is not smooth, you can once again waxing.

    Many car owners like to wash in the hot sun, that this wash will soon be able to dry the body of water. It is wrong, car wash must also choose the right time, after the sun exposure of the vehicle, the vehicle metal plate and the paint will be heated. And at this time car wash, a hot one will make the paint brittle, cracking, and then appear color shiny dark. In addition, the hot day car wash will be due to residual body water, in the sun exposure, the formation of convex lens, so that the body of local high temperature, which led to loss of luster paint. If at this time waxing, but also likely to cause uneven body color. Therefore, the car wash wax is best in a shaded condition, if not guaranteed, the best choice in the cloudy or sunny morning, evening time. Summer temperatures rise, dust increases, the body is easy to dirty, the owner of the frequency of car washing began to rise, many owners in the car wash also want to give their own bath as confused thoroughly at the end. But here to note that we must keep the appearance of dry air conditioning, if the car air conditioning accidentally wet, will affect the life of automotive air conditioning.

    For car wash frequency, wash 1 to 2 times a week the best car. Car wash should not be too frequent, the general dust, with feather duster or soft hair mop can be hit. Because the frequent car wash, will accelerate the paint oxidation. When washing, should use clean, free of sediment, oil, acid and other harmful impurities in the water, and the body surface for a period of time soaked to soften the soil, adherent insects Temperature Sensor and other attachments, do not try to scrap them The In addition, after the car wash, the hood should be hinged, wiper root, glass seal at both ends of the easy accumulation of dirt, carefully wipe clean.

  Summer temperatures are too high, and some drivers that improve the tightness of the fan belt, you can improve the engine cooling effect, so they will continue to improve the tightness of the fan belt, resulting in fan belt too tight, not knowing that this approach is wrong. The fan belt should be tightened properly, because too tight will make the bearing load is too large, wear increased, increased power consumption, but also make the pump shaft bending, belt elongation deformation, shortened life. The first charge of the battery is called the initial charge, the initial charge of the battery life has a great impact. If you do not charge, that is, plus 'water' directly used, the battery capacity is not high, life will be shortened; if the direct charge, will shorten the life. Usually the initial charge of the battery is filled with electrolyte, with a small current charge about 1 hour or so can be installed to use.

    For the ordinary battery before use, according to the charging standard must be initial charge. For dry charge lead-acid batteries, according to the instructions, although the provisions of the two-year storage period to be used, as long as the addition of the specified density of the electrolyte shelved 15min, no charge can be put into use. However, if the storage period ABS Sensor of more than two years, due to the partial oxidation of the plate, in order to improve its charge capacity, should be used before the supplementary charge, charge 5h-8h and then use.

    Private car is the owner of the mobile home, the pursuit of comfort and luxury nothing wrong, but some owners themselves in the car to install a variety of equipment, this modification, if handled properly, the performance and reliability of the car is easy and reliable Bring adverse effects, easy to leave sequelae or affect traffic safety, such as subwoofer, will not say power consumption, if the car when driving too high sound, will affect the driver's driving safety, this will not hear Behind the car to the car song. In short, the installation of equipment or will affect the performance and manipulation of the car, these insecure factors will affect the traffic safety.

  For the owners to blindly replace the imported tires, a maintenance master said that in the case of different traffic conditions, the production of imported tires may be for their local road conditions to produce. Foreign push of the new tires on the domestic users have a most fatal flaw is not applicable. Europe's flat road and Beijing Second Ring, the tricyclic road conditions are quite different, suitable for European tires in Beijing is difficult to have a good performance, especially in the sidewall impact resistance is obviously some acclimatized, just like wearing Italy Brand-name shoes go gravel road in general, the side of the package from the inevitable. Some foreign brands of tires in the domestic joint venture production, according to the state of the road in the tire side of the increase in a layer of curtain fabric, which greatly enhanced the impact of the sidewall, joint production of tires from the performance point of view can completely replace the import The So, not any models are suitable for the installation of imported tires, the proposed owners do not spend a lot of money to install a not practical products. The original car tires are also tested by the manufacturers, the owners can be assured to use.

   Although some people have become a car family, but usually 'not willing' to drive, only when driving out to play, in fact, this way is very car car. The car is not open for a long time, or very little start, but not good for the car. The car is the need to run, because long-term no cars, engines and gearbox and other parts of the transmission will often be in direct contact with the air and the state of rust, the battery will be due to long-term natural discharge affect the service life. The best way is to run a car every few days, run a thirty or forty minutes. In addition, always short-distance car will hurt the car, the car at any time in the move but not far away, is an important reason for car injury. The car parts in the engine to the stable phase between Throttle Position Sensor the most serious wear and tear, launched a car battery power consumption is also about to drive 20 minutes to make up, so that the car is easy to make the car early problems. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners, we must always start their own cars, do not carved up, the appropriate time to pull a pull high speed.

   Summer hot weather, and some drivers in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, blindly asked the cooling water temperature as low as possible, and some drivers in order to achieve the purpose of cooling, simply cut the thermostat, these practices are wrong. Automotive engine both hot and cold, if the cooling water temperature is too low, will make fuel combustion worse, increased fuel consumption, increased wear, oil viscosity increases, the engine power is reduced. Tests show that the motor running when the cooling water temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius, the engine wear increased by 60% -80%, power reduction of 25%, fuel consumption increased by 8% -10%. Therefore, the engine cooling water temperature is not as low as possible, generally should be controlled between 80-90 degrees Celsius. Some drivers saw the water tank appeared 'boil' phenomenon, worried about the engine temperature and then increased, immediately turn off the water. This is wrong, it is likely to cause the cylinder head because of the sudden cold and the phenomenon of cracking. If you meet the water tank 'boil', the general correct way is to immediately stop, so that the engine to keep idling idling continue to heat. At the same time open the hood, improve the heat dissipation. After the cooling water temperature is reduced, turn off the engine.

   In the automotive technology with each passing day, absolutely can not use the old concept to judge the performance and safety of a car. Car, the same car, some outdated driving, maintenance methods should be updated in a timely manner, should not be excessive, or fall into the maintenance errors, the results will be counterproductive, improper car accident 'destroy the car.' Therefore, a reasonable car and car is the most critical, in a word, do not overly 'spoil' your car.