When men reach midlife, their bodies can experience a lot of changes. The most common types of changes are sexual. Although this can be both a frustrating and frightening time in their lives, it is important to remember that midlife sex can be just as rewarding as it was during the younger years. By knowing some of the changes that the body goes through at this time, men may be more ready to accept these changes, and in some cases, steps can be taken to delay the occurrence of these sexual changes.

Erectile Dysfunction

  • One of the most common changes is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction not only means the inability to produce an erection, but it can also mean the inability to keep an erection during intercourse.
  • It is common for men to begin to think that they are abnormal when this occurs; however, by worrying about this condition, there is an increased risk for men to undergo male menopause.
  • The changes that occur to the body are not the problem, but instead, the reaction to the changes causes the problems. For men who have experienced erection problems during intercourse, the first step is to see a doctor.

Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

  • There are ways to treat erectile dysfunction naturally. As with many other sicknesses, exercise and healthy eating will play a huge part in reducing someone’s chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.
  • If a man is overweight, then the blood does not circulate throughout the body as it should. When this happens, the chances of having an erection are reduced.
  • As the man exercises, his body will begin to crave more testosterone, and testosterone is the most critical factor in producing an erection.

Inability to Have an Orgasm

  • Another common sexual problem that men may experience when they reach midlife is the inability to have an orgasm. Men often begin to think that they are less interested in sex because their orgasms are not as strong as they once were.
  • The primary reason for this is the fact that the body is producing less testosterone as a person gets older. If men are experiencing a delayed orgasm, it is important to visit a doctor. Although this condition is common with age, there may be some underlying causal factors. Some medications can contribute to this, and stress can be a contributing factor as well.
  • Sex therapists can also be extremely helpful if the man believes that this problem is being caused by some type of psychological or relationship problem.

Decrease in Ejaculation

  • •A final sexual problem that men may experience during midlife is a decrease in ejaculation. As with many sexual problems during the midlife years, a decrease in ejaculation can just be part of getting older.
  • However, men should still visit an urologist to rule out any other conditions. An enlarged prostate could be a contributing factor, and it is important to make sure there are not any diseases associated with this enlarged prostate. Diabetes can also lead to a decrease in ejaculation.

As the body ages, it is obvious that people will not be able to perform at the levels that they did in the past. However, when it comes to sexual performance, it is important to take steps to try and keep an active sex life. Exercising, eating a healthy diet and visiting a doctor often may prove helpful when trying to prevent sexual problems.

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