As women and men age, they often deal with minor and major problems along the journey. However, some of these are natural while others are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. One frustrating, and often hard to deal with, problem is sexuality. Simply put, as women age, they will go through a host of sexual issues. Here are the top four common sexual problems during mid-life for women.

No Desire

First and foremost, many women, as they age, lose their sexual desire. This is for a few reasons. For starters, as women age, they will not have the confidence they once did when they were in their younger years. This is especially true when a woman has had a kid or two. Of course, other women lose their desire as they are too busy at work and have other things on their mind. Finally, another huge problem is that some men and women have gotten into a “rut” with their sex lives. Fortunately, with an open mind and some treatment or hard work, a woman can get her libido back if she wants to do so. Ideally, when dealing with this issue, a man should remain patient, and a woman should strive to work with her husband to keep him satisfied.


It can be much more complicated for some woman to have an orgasm. In fact, some have difficulty ever achieving one with their partners. However, if this is a new issue, a person should take notice and try to rectify the problem. Sometimes, if a woman has diabetes or other medical problems, she will suffer from Anorgasmia. Other times, when taking antidepressants, a woman will not feel so well. In some cases, it is not the fault of a woman and instead a lazy or inattentive partner. If this is the case, a married couple should sit down and discuss the situation. Either way, when dealing with Anorgasmia, it is easy to get to the root of the problem if a couple does not mind taking the time to look at the underlying issues.


This is a painful and often embarrassing condition that many women ignore or fail to seek treatment for. This is understandable as it is not easy discussing Dyspareunia, or physical pain during intercourse, with a doctor. To get to the bottom of this issue, a woman should visit a doctor and get a routine physical, complete with blood work. If there is no underlying problem, a couple should consider getting therapy and attending multiple counseling session. Again, when approaching this with an open mind and care, a couple can get to the root of the issue and enjoy a happy sex life again.


As a woman gets older, she may experience some vaginal dryness. This is, in some ways, natural. However, when persistent and severe, it makes intercourse difficult on both people. Now, this can be something simple that a couple can work out on their own. Other times, a woman will need to look at her medications and consider her lifestyle. On the other hand, when it seemingly happens out of nowhere, a woman should see her gynecologist and start asking questions. Luckily, with a medical or holistic approach, one can fix the issue and return to a happy and healthy sex life.

When aging, some women will experience some level of sexual discomfort or other problems related to her sexuality. While some of these issues are natural, others are the sign of a bigger problem. Fortunately, when taking the time to get to the bottom of an issue, a couple can reinvigorate their sex life and avoid a host of problems.

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