One of the most important issues in special education is its relationship with general education. History has shown that there never was a clear and explicit relationship between both these forms of learning. There has a lot of pushing and pulling between these two services of education. The educational policies and educational practice in both forms are very much different from each other. For past more than 20 years, I have worked with both sides of learning. I have felt what it is like to be a regular normal educator that deals with various issues that are related to special education students. In addition to that, I also have been working to get regular teachers to work more efficiently for improvement of special education and students studying under it. I have also worked for different buy dissertation online services giving excellent online writing services to students of special education.

I have also worked on issues like figuring out how to best work with new special education teachers and helping them to teach mainstream education classes and students. I have tried my best to bridge the gap that exists between these two learning services. And not only me but there are much more who are working hard on these issues. None of these issues is issues to resolve and hence it is difficult for now to create a synergy between these two types of education. Special education is all about teaching students who are facing some sort of physical, cognitive, language and learning issues which differentiate them from normal; students. These special educators provide instructions that are altered and designed to meet special needs.  In past few decades a lot of developments have happened in the field of special education and for any good special educator, it is important to be aware and fully trained of all these developments as things are changing very past in special education nowadays. The concept of special education started to evolve from an early nineteenth century so we can’t say it is a completely new concept. However, it has taken decades to get where it is today.