A skin tag is one of the most common skin complications in a human body. It occurs on the skin of adults, which results in no harm.  

Though skin tags are benign, none of us would adore anything that hampers beauty of the body. It just conceals charm of a person. Besides, it also irks a person, as it is hanging on the skin. Therefore, it becomes imperative to look forward to the treatment for skin tag removal.    

As before heading toward any surgery, one needs to gain some knowledge on it, in the same way, it is indispensable to understand a broad concept of skin tags.  

What is Skin Tag?  

A skin tag is a small growth of tissue, attached to the surrounding skin out pouching it. This outgrown cell looks like a piece of loose or hanging skin.  

Skin tags don't come on the body since the birth of a person. Usually, individuals who are middle-aged or obese adults are more likely to develop it. It is the main reason why obesity is associated with the cause of skin tag.  

They don't cause any harm to the skin or the body, but its rubbing might discomfort a person. Moreover, its size and shape may vary from person to person and so does the treatment varies.  

When it comes to baptizing skin tags, they are called by two names. One is the medical name - acrochordon and another one is a general term called by some people - skin tabs.  

What Causes Skin Tag?  

ü They are made up of collagen (a type of protein) and blood vessels that are caught in a trap inside thicker trace of skin.  

ü It can occur in both men and women.  

ü A woman who had sudden hormonal change due to pregnancy is more likely to cause skin tag.  

ü Typically, they tend to occur where it comes in direct contact with something and continually gets rubbed against it. Perhaps, it is either skin, cloth or accessories that are rubbed against it which is responsible for acrochordon.  

Where Do They Occur?

A concern of skin tag development may include any part of the body that is covered by the skin. Though there is a probability for this teeny development of tissues hanging to any skin, some of the areas are common. Armpits and neck are the two main areas where people prone to get skin tabs. Besides, folding parts of the body such as eyelids, buttock folds, upper chest (particularly under female breasts) and groin folds can result into development of skin tags. 

How Can It Be Treated?

As skin tags are harmless, it doesn’t require to be dealt with on an immediate basis. But, if something continuously rubs against it, then it may cause irritation and discomfort. At that phase, one can get it treated by a doctor in an effective way.  

Usually, doctors use to adopt four methods for removing skin tags:  

ü Cryosurgery - Skin tags are frozen by liquid nitrogen

ü Ligation - Interruption to blood supply of the affected area is made for its removal

ü Excision - In this method, skin tags are cut down with the help of scalpel

ü Cauterization - They are burned through electrolysis  

Can it be removed at home? 

Yes, there are several ways through which skin tags can me removed at home. But, getting it removed by a professional doctor would be more safe and reliable as they would treat it correctly. Moreover, skin tag removal under doctor’s guidance can help you reduce the scars which skin tab is more likely to leave behind on our body. For better references, you can browse http://www.london-dermatology-clinic.com/ and get it done by a prominent clinic. 

Here, ends a complete overview of skin tags and all the concerns related to it. You are served with its detailed information. Consequently, there are fewer chances for a person holding its broad knowledge, to get trapped into fraud treatments. 

Get inspired from this piece of writing and get along with the correct, safe skin tag removal treatment.