Concrete Countertop Solutions

Countertop cleaning is quite a boring task, as far as it seems never to be clean and is always busy with some activities in order to feed the whole family.

Anyway, it never means that you should just not pay attention to all the dirt – unfortunately, the clutter will not disappear magically and won’t be vanished away. If you neglect your responsibilities about cleaning concrete countertops, after food preparation and all the cooking actions, spills and splatters may turn into stains and marks, which later may result in damaging the countertop.

All your concrete countertops need is just TLC – tender loving care – to avoid possible complications in cleaning countertops, and keep it in the best condition daily, even every of your minute is busy. There is a wide range of countertop décor, and at the same time there are lots of ways to those surfaces damaging with improper cleaning and care.

There are some general rules for general countertop cleaning. Most countertops need not more but just cleaning with wet microfiber cloth. But if the cleaning regime is much serious, than your knowledge of countertop types should be deep. Some countertops can’t stand abrasives, and all this details you should bear in mind.

Anyway, we want to give you some tips to think over and use.

  1.   Remove all unnecessary things

Define, which countertops are referred to as kitchen ones, and which are not. If a concrete countertop is small, as a rule, it is overloaded with different items, which are not in the right place. Move them to where they are meant to be – shelves and cabinets, or even to walls.

Leave only those items that are used often. In such a way you get more prep space and can keep your concrete countertop clean.

  1.   Basic everyday care is a must

Keep a soft cloth close at hand, as it is your first way of defending from dirt and dust, which threaten your comfortable work on your favorite DIY concrete countertops. If you see any clutter, just wipe it away at once, because if it stays too long it will take you more efforts to remove it, and for sure it will require more than just ordinary wipe.

  1.   Maintenance requirements are to be learned

No matter what type of countertop you have, anyway you should provide them with care on everyday basis. Countertops of other types and materials require special instructions in order to keep them clean for a long time and long-lasting. For instance, vinegar is perfect to clean laminated countertops, but as for marble ones it is a real horror. Defining a kitchen countertop type allows you know what care should be implemented with this or that one countertop.

concrete countertops

  1.   Kitchen stuff should be kept clean

Now, when your concrete countertops are clean after wiping, turn your attention to the items that are usually standing on them: starting from crockery with utensils and up to coffee maker. They should be clean, without any food particulates. Ups and bottoms of all kitchen essentials should be cleaned from all foreign items, for them not to fall from the countertop surface, when you put them back in their right position.

  1.   Heat to be watched out

Extreme difference of temperature and quick changes of it can damage concrete countertops, resulting in an old and untidy look. Well, on the market there are a lot of countertops that are heat-resistant, but we strongly recommend using potholders for protection.

  1.   Additional remarks

Concrete Countertop Solutions figures out some rules that should be observed when trying to keep your concrete countertops clean:

  •         Even the biggest mess can be avoided with on-time dry dusting and wiping
  •         Remove undesirable odor with baking soda sprinkling, wipe it with wet sponge
  •         For every food product, like coffee, juice or sauces use special placemats
  •         Don’t leave cigarette burns for a long time – the surface should be sanded and polished
  •         Avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbers made of steel or plastic

If you decided to install a countertop, you might have a look here to have details on different types and consider which to choose and how to care of them.  

Cleaning countertops with solid surfaces may require some caution. For sure, solid surface is a good decoration of the interior. Such countertops may be of various colors, and they are in high demand when renovating or reconstructing a house. When there appears a necessity to clean such countertops, all you need as the best cleaning means is dish soap. Those countertops with shiny surfaces are afraid of abrasives, so it’s better to use baking soda, in case there are spots tough for cleaning.

The workhorse of your home, particularly of the kitchen, is a kitchen countertop. Even if you are not going to cook today, you may use this countertop for some other purposes, like

  •         Plopping the mail down
  •         Standing point until the coffee is ready
  •         Unpacking groceries
  •         Having a snack
  •         Reading when eating

And when you cook, you get your countertop dirty with all splatters, crumbs and etc. What’s the point of mentioning that? Well, here is the answer – you are abusing your countertop on a daily basis.

DIY concrete countertops

When concrete countertops are treated right, then concrete never looks too much industrial or cold. Well, to be honest, there are some points that concrete countertops require, like sealing, in order to protect from bacteria growth, and to fight with any kind of damage, whether that is water, heat or stains. To clean concrete countertops all you need is to take non-acidic cleaner. And be sure to avoid scrubbing pads that may be aggressive for the surface, as they wear the sealer off.  Just take some microfiber cloth and that will be enough for cleaning concrete countertops.

If kitchen in the house is clean, then the house owner is very neat and tidy. Untimely cleaning leads to very serious contamination and health problems. If kitchen is in an awful condition, the unsanitary conditions develop, in which it is impossible to cook delicious food. To restore order in such situation, you need to know concrete countertop basics: especially how to clean concrete countertops from grease and stains.