With the continued popularity of new energy vehicles, the impact of new technology on the traditional automotive industry is accelerating the transformation of the automotive industry. Now the car is not just a means of transport, people on the car in the safety, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence Sensor and other requirements are getting higher and higher, which will give the connector to bring new opportunities for development.

  General car need to use the connector has nearly 100 species, a single model used by the connector about hundreds. The Clermont University Vehicle Electronics Laboratory has listed 54 functional items under the computer-based electronic control in a typical modern car. Including a series of items specifically for electronic control, such as airbag deployment, brake anti-lock, engine control fuel metering valve and entertainment and navigation systems, as well as many amazing features. Conservative estimates If each of these 54 projects requires an average of 10 connectors, then a car may use up to 540 connectors.

  From the global market point of view, the current car connector about the entire connector industry more than 10%. With the market demand for the three major trends in automotive 'smart interconnection', 'green' and 'safe travel', the application of automotive electronics will also increase, which will promote the further growth in the number of automotive connectors applications. Is expected to account for a larger proportion. The car market is a huge market. For the automotive market, the major connector manufacturers are the layout. With the development of new energy vehicles and interconnected vehicles, TE Automotive Division will continue to enrich the product portfolio to help China's auto industry changes. TE Automotive Division Temperature Sensor has several major product lines including new energy automotive solutions, automotive infotainment systems solutions, sensor solutions, terminals and connectors, as well as automotive special line group application development.

  As the new energy vehicles in the car voltage and current upgrades, high voltage current environment for the performance requirements of the parts more stringent. Safe, reliable and efficient distribution and transmission of new energy vehicles become the core and key vehicle safety. Therefore, TE for the new energy vehicles high-voltage circuit connection, protection and management provides a full range of solutions. In addition to providing MATEnet modular connectors, new modular and scalable connectors for automotive Ethernet, TE offers HSD, HSL high-speed data transmission and other products for customers in the automotive infotainment system solutions. Of the connection solution, to meet the car and people, cars and objects, cars and cars between the high-speed, stable interconnection needs. Of course, as an automotive expert (pressure, displacement, angle, speed, current, temperature and humidity, etc.) manufacturing experts, TE can also be complex for the automotive application environment to provide targeted sensor solutions. In addition, TE can also be tailored to customers in the automotive engine systems, security systems, body and chassis systems such as terminals and connectors, and constantly committed to the miniaturization and lightweight products for more secure, more intelligent, more The environmentally friendly car offers more innovative products. For example, TE's NanoMQS product family helps reduce the PCB size of electronic components, reduces the wire diameter to 0.13mm2, and reduces the overall package size of the connector. At the same time, NanoMQS Speed Sensor can also provide a very good anti-vibration. TE's LITEALUM aluminum wire crimping technology provides customers with a seamless, stable and secure solution. In addition, TE is committed to the application of automotive special line group development, the use of unique terminal crimping technology and connector advantages to provide customers with line assembly solution.

  Oudu is a headquartered in Germany, with 70 years of history of the connector program providers. Oudu connectors are widely used in all kinds of cutting-edge technology, including medical equipment, military safety, automotive, high-end instrumentation, test and measurement, energy and other industries. Europe is the fastest growing new energy and energy sectors, including new energy vehicles, new energy rail transportation industry. In the automotive field, it has many successful applications. For example, for the new energy vehicle charging pile and charging seat of the single-core pinhole; for connecting the battery pack, electronic control unit, the motor's high reliability, polar contact impedance, excellent electromagnetic shielding characteristics of the new GEN2 large Current connectors; ODU-MAC connector solutions for all types of automotive components. At the same time, Oudu also has a wealth of connector custom design and R \u0026 D, manufacturing experience, for the customer's special application needs to provide professional solutions.

   Molex also offers a wide range of connectivity solutions for the automotive industry, with customers primarily from OEMs in automotive manufacturers and the corresponding electronics systems and equipment in the automotive sector. The rapid growth of in-vehicle infotainment systems and security configurations is a catalyst for automotive manufacturers, but they require smaller interconnection systems to place more electronic components in the same space. 'Molex has also developed the Stac64® modular 0.64, 1.50 and 2.80mm terminal fitting systems to meet the growing demands of today's automotive electronics. The Stac64 connectivity system offers a higher design for OEMs and equipment manufacturers Flexibility Throttle Position Sensor to support low-level signal requirements and power applications up to 30.0 A. The Stac64 system allows the car manufacturer to use the connector components as separate components to combine multiple connectors together to meet the needs of the device and module for signals and Power supply made a series of requirements.

  For electric vehicles, both high-voltage and high-current (HVHC) electrical systems are required for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles to ensure that commercial vehicles can maintain reliable performance in today's most common extreme conditions In such environments, electrical fittings and components are often subject to shock and vibration, as well as chemicals that are aggressive and corrosive. With the rapid development of automotive electronic auxiliary equipment and new energy automotive industry policy support and rapid development of the background, the car's electrification characteristics become more apparent, for the car connector will put forward higher demand. For example, high reliability, more power transmission, the connector of the electromagnetic shielding to meet the many electronic devices will not interfere with the situation.