For quite some time now, there has been an increasing debate raging around these three terms; architecture, interior designer and design architecture. The main discussion mainly focuses on the blurring of the lines that define the job roles and responsibilities of each job profession. For example: Where does the interior design of a space end and architecture begins? Likewise, vice versa.

Why The Terms Are Mixed Up

There have been a lot of factors over the last few decades. These factors have caused an increase in the ambiguity of these titles. A reason for the increased ambiguity is the improvement of interior design education. This has, in turn, increased the scope of the profession which led many interior designers to become more involved with the architectural, technical aspects of interior design, and much less with the decorative and soft furnishings sides. Talking about the concept of architecture, we simply refer to the act of planning, designing and also the construction of buildings.

The Great Divide

Due to the division of the Interior design education into an architectural and the technical aspect. Many degree courses in interior design have been renamed as interior architecture degrees. This was done more accurately with the aim to reflect what they cover and teach within their course syllabus. Courses like this have also increased in popularity. It is producing a more growing number of architecturally savvy designers. This in turn, making it more difficult to differentiate between the architectural concept and interior designing.

Nevertheless, each word has its own unique definition when we talk about Interior Design Architecture and Design Architecture as briefly discussed below:

  • Interior Designer - An interior designer is one who specializes in Interior Design.

  • Architect - An architect is a person who specializes in drawing/designing buildings and advises their clients in construction.

  • Design Architecture - The practice of an interior architect, where architecture means to offer or render professional services in connection with the design and construction of a building's interior that has as its principal purpose human occupancy or use. A general term to describe building interiors and related physical features.

Bottomline, whether a person is an architect, interior designer or a design architect they are all into design. For a design to flourish, the design has to be creative and on point. This shows that designers are highly creative people that unleash their minds to bring imagination into reality. Often, people do think that it is an easy task but designers should be appreciated more. They all put up a lot of practice and it requires experience to be in this career lane.

Clients, mostly homeowners usually do ask a lot regarding these three terms. This article gives an insight on them to help homeowners get an idea on organising their design team when executing their projects. Most questions do come up when homeowners want to build their dream home or renovate their existing ones.