Office chairs are designed for longer use then the average chair and as such there is a higher standard demanded in terms of physical comfort and durability. Other features are also important such as tilt and swivel as well as height adjustment to mention but a few. When it comes to locating office chairs cheap, we must first determine our requirements for the furniture.

Start by deciding a feature priority order

Most office chairs need to comfortably accommodate a user for long hours. Without putting careful thought into the feature list it’s very easy to end up with an unsatisfactory result in the from of a bad back or stiff shoulders for the chair’s occupant. Let’s look at a list of the kind of features that should be contemplated:

swivel/rotation: In most office environments it’s important to have good freedom of movement in order to keep an efficient work-flow in motion. Without the ability to swivel the chair around, a person can end up knocking their knees off the desk every time they get up resulting in discomfort and frustration!

Height Adjustment: Raising and lowering your seat throughout the day can be valuable ergonomically since the process alters the angle at which a users arms meet the desk surface, thus reducing repetitive strain on one muscle group that can otherwise occur. Even a small amount of adjustment can result in a positive effect on the chair’s user. Pneumatic height adjustment usually includes pneumatic suspension, the ability for the seat to raise and lower with the addition of weight adding to the users long term seated comfort.

Material and Design Considerations

Recently mesh chairs have become the leading choice for office chairs, cheap or expensive. It all began with the iconic Herman Miller Aeron, the only office chair to be featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. So elegant in fact that God himself was seen to be sitting on one in an episode of the legendary Simpsons cartoon series! The Aeron was quickly imitated by numerous other manufacturers and designers to varying degrees of success, resulting in plenty of choices for the consumer when hunting for a deal. Click to view review

Leather is of course one of the other popular surface materials of choice, with plenty of choices available from color to texture. To this day a boss can be found to derive a certain amount of authority from the quality of leather used in their chair (even if it’s just psychological!).

Not to be overlooked is the option to include armrests on the chair. In some cases arm rests can just serve to get in the way and are far from the optimal choice, particularly in the case of a musical environment, such as a recording studio or music lesson environment. Bare in mind that some chairs have the option raise or lower the arm rests and sometimes the option to completely remove them when needed.

Once all the necessary features have been determined for the user a price-point can be set and the scouting can begin, both online and off for office chairs, cheap in price but substantial in every other regard. Click to view review