Getting arrested for an offense or facing charges of evading the law of Honolulu, HI is something most of you don’t like to go through in life. Whenever you are put in handcuffs and being taken in the backseat of a police car, you may start to feel the tension of getting booked at the police station and landing in jail. All of this may feel like a worst nightmare which you would like to end soon. Maybe you are cursing yourself to be in the crime spot at the time of the police raid. Possibly you have been wrongly accused of something which you did not do.

Maybe you are caught up in such a situation due to the mistake of arguing with the police. It may end up making you a part of an ongoing crime investigation in Honolulu. Whatever happened cannot be changed but there is one thing you can surely do is to put up a fight and help save yourself from the legal consequences: hire a criminal attorney in Honolulu, HI.


If you are accused of a crime, it will upset and frustrate you from start to finish. Whether you are charged for your involvement in drug trafficking, a sex assault, a DUI, a theft, a robbery, a homicide or money laundering, the thought of getting convicted and sent to jail for a long time may be really scaring you. The only thing worth doing now is to hire a criminal attorney in Hawaii to fight for your defense. Working strongly for your defense in consultation with an experienced criminal attorney in Honolulu is far more essential than you think, especially if you want dismissal of the charges or acquittal in the case.

Losing your freedom and languishing in the jail should never be your fate. You can try to 0avoid it if you choose a knowledgeable and compassionate criminal attorney in Honolulu, HI for legal representation. Even though criminal offenses like DUI and robbery may not be taken seriously by you, you could face trial in a courtroom where the mourning relatives of someone who was run down by your speeding car or stabbed to death in a robbery attempt may be waiting for justice. You require a confident and sharp criminal attorney in Hawaii with great experience to assure your trial proceeds smoothly and smartly without any discrimination or other shortcomings that would make the judgment go against you. The criminal attorney in Honolulu, HI will put the best expertise and experience to use to make sure you have an edge in every step right from the arrest and investigation to trial, no matter what the offense may be.

No matter that you are booked with a felony, a misdemeanor, a violent crime, a rape, drug trafficking, a theft/burglary, a DUI or something similar, 0Steve Cedillos is a licensed criminal attorney in Honolulu to represent you and defend you from wrongfully being convicted . Remember,a criminal conviction can lead to devastating consequences. The priority of Steve Cedillos as your Honolulu criminal attorney is to put up a strong fight to secure your legal rights and make the consequences favorable for you.

If you don’t want your legal representation to go wrong in any way, no matter how serious the crime is and how complex the situation is, contact Steve Cedillos the criminal attorney with more than 20 years of of practical experience in both the state and federal criminal justice systems; he can be contacted at 800-536-5242 for criminal defense representation and law suits.

For a vigorous and competent defense in State, Federal and military criminal cases, consider calling the Hawaii criminal attorney, Steve Cedillos at his local law office today!