I saw my consultant for the first time today post TKR. I am just over 7 weeks and have been worried about my bend that is just at 90. He was completely fine with it and said it will improve slowly over the next 6 months. He was keener for my extension to be 0 ( mine is 6). I had an infection in one of the stitch holes and have been on antibiotics for that, so he is reviewing me in 4 weeks. I have only just been able to lift my leg too so he is keeping an eye on that. I was so worried before the appointment that I wanted to share this with new people, it's a slow process, often with setbacks but keep going, as I will. He warned about overdoing PT and he said to listen to my body. I do my PT three times a day as I have not yet reached the top of the waiting list for PT exercise in NHS. I simply get assessed every time I go. Good luck to everyone with their recovery.


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