Technology company Continental Group to security, clean, economic and pressureless travel as the theme, playing 'driving innovation, intellectual make a beautiful mobile life' slogan. Demonstrating Sensor the latest driving solutions from three innovative trends: assisted driving and automated driving, electrification and interconnection. In the last century, car traffic occupied a lot of city and living space. Since the beginning of the 21st century, people's needs have become more and more concentrated in driving experience. This is the trend that can be seen in the future car. Office and living space will be innovative and completely independent of the private car space integration.

Continental Group's latest 3D laser scanning radar sensor. From 2020 onwards, this laser sensor will provide a detailed picture of the vehicle's external environment in real time, and the parts in the new model do not require any mechanical changes. The high-resolution automotive environment sensor is an important component of an all-round 3D model for automated driving environments Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor that provides reliable monitoring data throughout the day without interference from harsh climatic conditions. The EMR3 drive system is highly integrated and extremely lightweight to meet the needs of a variety of automotive concepts. The EMR3 powertrain module can be quickly and easily integrated into new electric vehicles. It combines power electronics with inverters, motors and gearboxes into a compact unit, and the weight is reduced. In the premise of ensuring 150kW output, the Continental Group of engineers successfully reduced the weight of the module to 75kg. Continental's performance-based modular electric drive system developed by automakers supports up to 320kW of output. In order to streamline the structure and enhance the power, the Continental Group has made further design optimization for the electric drive system which has been put into operation for several years. The new electric drive system will be put on the Chinese market in 2019.

Another advantage of interconnection technology is to enhance the driving comfort. With the digital unlock function, even if the car battery exhausted, the driver can use the smart phone on the network car keys to open the door. At the same time, the Continental Group's Intelligent Access System (CoSmA) will realize the door's intelligence, that is, the doors will be able to open and close independently. This auxiliary function can not only replace the emergency lock, but also improve the freedom of the door design. Most importantly, interconnection technology will provide security for more vulnerable road users. In the future, once the car system detects a bike or motorcycle through, will give the driver a warning, to remind them not to open the door too quickly, such as intelligent car lighting will be based on different circumstances show unique lighting effects. The Continental Group will, in another way, ensure that you are easily and safely arriving at your destination. Continental Group's response to Temperature Sensor the future development of internal combustion engines: ultra-clean hybrid diesel vehicles can make the vehicle emissions to meet the most stringent emission regulations and standards. Heavy volume.