Continental's future cockpit debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Continental will use a hybrid reality headset that will showcase future mix models for future cockpit, and visitors will visually see an obscure clay block transform from a block without any instrument into Sensor a future cockpit. In addition to the control components and entertainment components, the future cockpit will also provide a short animation scene, to introduce a variety of innovative solutions.

  When users are immersed in the sketched future scenes, they will find that the future cockpit will be able to adapt smoothly to the specific driving situation. During autopilot, some control elements and displays remain always hidden. With the ever-changing smart interface, the driver can flexibly call these control elements and displays as needed. Continental Group will create a highly flexible and powerful cockpit for consumers. Continental Group launched the future cockpit 'CockpitVision' is equipped with a perfect interpersonal interaction, can be dynamic and flexible according to the actual situation to adjust the car configuration. By mixing the reality demonstration car, the Continental Group demonstrated Suction Control Valve a scalable steering wheel that replaces the traditional rearview mirror and displays only the mirror display after the call, as well as the extended functions projected on the screen and the enhanced reality display. With the support of intelligent control, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a special autopilot input device that clearly and intuitively feels how to transition from the driver's role to the user's role. This device will provide information on whether the vehicle will automatically drive or switch to manual driving on the current road segment, mainly for vehicle control. According to the need to show or hide the deformation of the interface, can be used as a location information display or movie screen screen is also the focus of the windshield.

   In order to make the vision a reality, the Continental Group has successfully developed the necessary hardware, only an electronic control unit (ECU) can control the whole car input and output devices and mobile devices. The advent of an integrated body electronics platform is an important step towards a comprehensive man-machine interface, which is itself equivalent to a central computer that integrates with drivers, mobile devices, other road users, infrastructure And cloud platform between the interconnection. Equipped with integrated car electronic platform car will become people's digital mate, and at any time to maintain a fully interconnected state. The integrated body electronics platform can be safely and stably manipulated with a single hardware for safety functions such as instrument functions and cloud platform or infotainment system functions. The current separation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the various regions will be combined in the future cockpit, which will not only help the Continental Group to build a fully updated body electronics system to lay the foundation, but also easy to use the driver in the past limited by the dashboard or Console display a variety of application functions. The future, the car can be everywhere as the information display, information content can move around, which means that the development of personalized cockpit on all the obstacles are no longer a problem.

  For the development of future cockpit technology, the Continental Group has adopted a strategic vision of the R \u0026 D program, and focus on the development trend and the future. At the beginning of the R \u0026 D, the Continental Group presented the seven major car scenes in 2030, which are in many ways different from the current ones, such as the attitude of the whole society on car ownership, environmental awareness and price awareness. Immediately afterwards, the researchers identified the most consistent scenarios with each market and held seminars in six countries on three continents to create the most diverse vision for each of the different scenarios. The panel compares information from various sources Temperature Sensor with the current trends in the automotive industry and the foreseeable expectations of the industry and provides trends and technical analysis, country profiles and regulatory information.