System solutions from the product point of view, is to expand the scope of products, to provide customers with a single pipeline to provide integrated assembly. This requires the vehicle fluid system business unit Sensor to have higher design capability, higher processing capacity and integration capabilities. For customers, not only save the procurement costs, but also reduce the customer's procurement risk.

   From the perspective of the project operation, in the past, we operate alone, and now the ContiTech vehicle fluid system business unit is working with other business groups of mainland China to integrate professional knowledge to face the customers with a unified image and formulate for the customer base, Provide better customer service. This cross-sectoral and cross-regional communication cooperation will not affect the effectiveness and independence of each business unit, but also Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to provide customers with higher value-added, to enhance the Continental Group ContiTech's forward-looking and professional.

 Essentially providing customers with a systematic solution not only to stay in the vehicle fluid system business unit level, which is the whole ContiTech and even Continental Group strategy. ContiTech will be at a higher perspective, look at the world, continue to study fuel metering valve the technology, make full use of global technological advantages, local conditions, and customers to establish close cooperative partnership, play a spirit of innovation, committed to providing products to provide system solutions Transformation.