In addition to driving the car's intelligent configuration of the car itself, but also to promote the road, lights, parking and other infrastructure infrastructure intelligent process. People always put innovative technology on the car inside the screen, but in the future, we hope it can jump out of the screen, as part of our environment. The design of the original intention or the pursuit of more environmentally friendly, or the pursuit Sensor of more secure, or the pursuit of more efficient, if these cool design can really be applied to reality, means that can reduce the incidence of accidents, and even cure all kinds of ills of the road!
 Lost in the eyes of the novice, even if the front is a Lincoln extended version of the dedicated parking spaces, they can also be seen as mini dedicated. The car parked, it is estimated that many novice drivers insurmountable a kore, novice will find the coach pass the tone of the 'line of a little' skill range is limited to the driver's license examination room, the actual parking environment can not find the so-called dotted line! Especially in the narrow and dark underground parking lot. Novice parking difficult traditional prescription two, one for the sea as wide as empty spaces, such as Hangzhou, some time ago also set up Temperature Sensor a special driver parking spaces, than the general parking spaces are wide. Second is the car has automatic parking function. The future of the new prescription is the intelligent parking system.
  Shenzhen, a company called 'Yee Fung' technology companies a set of automatic parking robot, is to use the robot to help your car parked parking spaces. According to the introduction of the car can be used to move the car parking lot can add more than 40% of the parking spaces, so that the gap between the car and the car will be controlled very compact, this transport robot using the 'laser navigation + comb exchange' Of the way, can be positioned precision error control within 5mm, to achieve accurate parking. This transport robot Speed Sensor average load bearing 2.5 tons, to meet a wide range of small models. To be efficient and accurate parking system, the driver waiting to take the car only 120s. Most importantly, some of the domestic parking lot has been negotiated with the cooperation matters. Does this mean that it will soon come to us?
 Mobile phone is the bow family 'guide dog', but the fact is that only 'guide dog' will lead you to shit! Life without Take Two, the phone is too fun, and that the task of saving the life of the bow family only to remind the device, and now the treatment of prescriptions, such as the Germans under the head when walking 45 degrees to look at the characteristics of mobile phones, Accident often made the road section of the ground-type traffic lights! And the future of the new prescription is more cool can be luminous zebra crossing. From the Chongqing Chemical Industry College sophomore Deng Yu and his team will develop a zebra line of traffic lights intelligent system, the design team, in order to enlarge the pedestrian, the role of the vehicle in the past, they designed a through the pyroelectric sensor, Human body infrared sensor, humidity sensor in one of the new zebra crossing. Through the microcontroller, the humidity sensor to monitor the outside temperature, weather conditions, so that the zebra line to send a flash for prompt. In the fog days or rainy days, when the car arrives, if pedestrians stepped on the zebra crossing, the zebra line will light Throttle Position Sensor to suggest that pedestrians can not pass at the moment; and when the pedestrian passes, if the car encounters the zebra crossing, the traffic light will flash Driver parking.
  There are also designers abroad will be designed to light the smart zebra crossing, the zebra built-in pressure sensor, when pedestrians walk, the zebra will become red to remind the past vehicles, and low visibility, the zebra will become white, you can let Pedestrians and vehicles are more aware of its presence. Designers from the fairy tale country of the Netherlands brain openings, the use of fluorescent paint characteristics of the road to illuminate themselves, thereby greatly reducing the street lamp input and energy consumption, and they have been in the Oss N329 highway which 500 meters section of the pilot. This is a relatively inexpensive and reliable program, during the daytime, the blend of fluorescent components in the road marked with the use of light 'charge' to the night can be issued for up to 8 hours of green light.
  Just signs the line light is not cool enough, the design team revealed the follow-up will be 'weather information' on the road 'show'! Such as snow days when the road icing, the use of changes in temperature with the color of the paint, the road will show the shape of the snow to remind the driver to drive safely to prevent slipping. For the remote sections of the car, the road can be built on both sides of the intelligent induction lights, only when there is a vehicle near the automatic light, the vehicle automatically shut down after, which is an environmentally friendly solution. Focus on electric cars short feet Pressure Switch of the new prescription is likely to let the electric car walking in the charge, this feeling is like the previous tram, but the future is not see any cable, read the future open electric car have to choose the way to go, I have the opportunity to run for many years to run karting, is never allowed to miss any chance to speed up anyway.
 Now we really want to be more simple, such as the road and then thicker, do not have to seal road maintenance; signs more clear point, do not ambiguous to the blind road; road planning is more reasonable, do not have an angry look The And in these road infrastructure to reach the qualified line, and then try these designs to change our traffic environment, the world had no way, people go more natural road, and the future 'road' is the result of the brain hole open.