When opening the program gets blunder: "Couldn't discover default datapath." Program closes in the wake of indicating mistake Unable to open program or organization DATAPATH=\ Error: "Couldn't discover default datapath." Incorrect information way in the arrangement record Incorrect information way design in the setup document Permissions not set effectively for the common envelope on the server Open the Sage 50—U.S. Release setup record and find the information way. See Related Resources article 10165 (How to discover information way and program way).   Sometimes moving configuration file, one location to another location causes corruption, Call SAGE Customer Service number to find how to repair configuration file.  Change the information way to acclimate with the accompanying arrangement: DATAPATH=[Drive Letter]:\[Folder] For instance: DATAPATH=C:\Sage\Peachtree\Company To check authorizations go to the PC that host the information and take after Article ID 10211 Verify my information document consents are accurately set in Related Resources Error: "Sage 50 can't associate with its database Pervasive on PC [server]." Unable to open program on a workstation. Mistake: "Sage 50 can't associate with its database, Pervasive, on PC [server]. Ensure the PC is signed in or that the database benefit is running. Additionally ensure the firewall is set to enable Sage 50 and Pervasive to run. Snap Help for more data. Snap Retry to endeavor to interface once more." Pervasive administration is ceased on the server Unable to ping the server Firewall blocking program Incorrect server name in ~PVSW~.LOC record Network set to Public on workstation or Server Using disseminated document framework (DFS) for mapped drive Damaged Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Incorrect information way on workstation Server and workstations on various variants Error: "Sage 50 can't associate with its database Pervasive on PC [server].

"Windows utilizes a procedure to shorten ways to long document names, called the long record naming tradition. This procedure is not working legitimately. Program is introduced into a mistaken registry Sage 50 program documents are harmed. Datapath, Localdatapath, and additionally Programpath esteems are off base. "Couldn't discover peachw.chm" when attempting to open the program Could not discover peachw. I work in a little office working with Peachtree Premium 2007 on a system of 4 PCs. The system's fundamental PC is spic and span and works with Vista Business. The majority of the PCs have had issues with Peachtree bolting up or solidifying, yet the other 3 old PCs have had visit issues with opening Peachtree. Most ordinarily, the message beginning "Peachtree can't identify your information way" shows up. The message appears to accuse the issue for our system, yet everything is associated legitimately. The main conceivable clarification I could discover on the Peachtree Help site was insufficient space on the PC hard drive, but rather that is likewise not an issue with our organization. We have attempted always rebooting the PCs and re-introducing the product, however nothing is by all accounts a long haul solution for the issue. Regardless we don't know whether this is a Peachtree issue, a system issue, or a Vista issue, so any proposals you have would be incredibly refreshing! Peachtree can't identify your information way." This message regularly alludes to a Windows drive mapping issue i.e. availability issues. Peachtree is endeavoring to associate with its common information envelope on the host PC yet can't find it. This could be because of a missing drive mapping, or a detachment from the host PC. Facilitate this blunder message can be identified with a client not having full Windows Permissions to the common envelope on the Server. So it shows up the best way to get Sage 50 Premium Accounting to change information ways is to uninstall it from my portable PC, at that point re-introduce it, and direct it toward an alternate record/way amid the re-establishment. I would have thought if Sage 50 began opening and could never again discover the information way it had been utilizing, it would stop and teach me to sort in another way or peruse to another way. My Sage 50 2103 just stops and says it can't open in light of the fact that the information way is not any more substantial. The main alternative offered is to retry or close it. Is there a work-around for this? Something else, each time I take the go down record home to use on my portable workstation, I am will need to reload the Sage 50 programming.I am getting this message when I endeavor to open Peachtree in the wake of introducing on a Windows 2003 server. (I could open a demo organization directly after the introduce, yet when I finished out and attempted to open Peachtree again I got the blunder). I have the program records introduced on the D drive and information documents on the M drive. I have checked PAA130.INI and the way indicated there points the area of the Company Folder as depicted in a post I found on this client gathering, however despite everything I get the blunder message. Any thoughts why? Reboot the PC and check whether that works. In the event that it works then it implies that you are not determining the way effectively on the M drive. Additionally take a stab at perusing to the organization record on the M drive to check whether you can access it that way. On the off chance that that works at that point utilize the information under the [Open History] segment at the base of the ini document to enable you to determine the way accurately. It might simply involve a mistakenly determined way particularly while changing over from long document names to short windows record names required in the ini document. Sage 50 (Peachtree) 2014 Can't Find Data Path for Payroll Update on Windows 8.1 Recently did a visit session with a Sage expert who once more, couldn't help me. Our concern was with applying the July 2014 assessment refreshes. We had quite recently introduced this PC in light of the fact that the past windows XP machine had kicked the bucket and as opposed to move in reverse, we chose to utilize the most current form of Windows, however the Home or non-Pro version. We're on a Windows 2008 R2 server and the various Windows XP machines are interfacing with the server through the area. This PC, obviously, is not entirely of the area, but rather the client account that it uses to interface with the server is a space account. We have mapped a few drives to the server and Peachtree, amid the underlying establishment mapped an additional drive, the Z drive for u for the information way, yet we get a kick out of the chance to utilize the P drive. At the point when Sage 50 exits, it discloses to us we have a finance refresh to finish.  Also SAGE Hosting user can check the permission issue with network administrator might be due to a permission issue data path not able to access the server path. This irritating message won't leave on the off chance that we don't make a difference the refresh, regardless of the possibility that we don't do finance on that PC, yet; this Windows 8.1 PC is the finance station and a message likewise flies up when you enter the finance range, so we needed to figure out how to introduce this refresh. Amid the refresh procedure we break through to step 4 without an issue. It requests the program way, and that is given so we don't do anything besides click next. The following screen requests the information way however just offers the C drive. We endeavored to utilize that drive, since we couldn't generally discover the system way, however that likewise fizzled. One theme we hoped to examine this before we did the online talk, recommended that once the server has been refreshed, on the PCs, we can overlook the mistakes and everything will work fine. That isn't valid.We endeavored to peruse for the way and no system drives appeared on the rundown. Writing in the system drive and way didn't work either. We checked and in the Windows Explorer, the system drives are there with no red X's on them. We even clicked in to the drives and could see the information with no issue. We clicked back and after that forward again to check whether the system ways would appear. They didn't. The expert recommended separating the drive and reconnecting it which we did and that didn't work either. while the examiner was scratching his head and asserting there were no known issues, I chose to attempt the UNC way which connected the updates. At that point we backpedaled into Sage 50 and found the blunder message while going into finance was no more. So we're upbeat. Similarly as I was closing down, the investigator inquired as to whether there was whatever else he could help us with Peachtree was the name of the common envelope. organization is the subfolder name where every one of the organizations dwell. I didn't know whether we expected to determine the organization organizer likewise, however clearly that was not required. Expectation this helps anybody on Windows 8.1 who may likewise be having this issue.





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