CP comes off the pick and is faced with two Buck defenders. What he does next- that subtle flick of his shoulders- is what makes the play. Luc Richard freezes, Andrew Bogut freezes, and while everybody's busy freezing, Chris Paul is still going. A second later, the MUT 18 Coins ball is in the net, Luc Richard is on the ground, and the Hornets are on their way.He's covered, and then less than a nanosecond later, he isn't. That, in the world's tiniest nutshell, is Chris Paul.


Time to start taking New Orleans seriously.Portland Trail Blazers 96, Los Angeles Lakers 121, Sunday NightAnd while everyone frets over the Heat (guilty), the L.A. Lakers look pretty much invincible. It's not quite as sexy a story, but Pau is playing better than ever—he had a triple double yesterday—Lamar Odom is dialed in, and Kobe Bryant is still Kobe Bryant.


What more do you need to know?The Blazers are probably the fourth best team in the Western Conference, and the Lakers blew them off the court on Sunday night. Where are the people wondering whether they can win 72 games?Chicago Bulls 105, Boston Celtics 110 (OT), Friday NightThe Bulls have been "a year away" for like the past five years, but watching them on Friday night, you got the feeling that they're more like "a few months away."


They battled back against one of the best defensive teams in the Cheap madden mobile coins league, outscoring the Celtics by 11 points on the road in the second half.Luol Deng and Joakim Noah combined for 46 points on 50% shooting. Derrick Rose struggled a little bit, and Chicago's still playing without Carlos Boozer, but when you think about Deng and Noah as third and fourth contributors, respectively, you begin to see the future in Chicago.