The new CR-V in the appearance of the change is not reborn, but there are subtle changes. Its overall profile is consistent with the fourth generation, but with LED lights, but also for the first time the introduction of active intake grille, is conducive to aerodynamics and fuel economy. And for the fourth generation of 'hump' tail, Honda made 100% of the major surgery. The rear of the fourth generation Sensor of the shadow, the lights have been redesigned, more three-dimensional sense and sense of science and technology. The middle of the use of chrome through the bar, so that the vehicle's horizontal visual effects widened, it is more weight. The width of the new car has indeed increased by 35 mm. Before the criticism of the 137 mm ground clearance, Honda also made improvements, the new car in the case of no-load than the fourth generation models increased by 30 mm, is expected to 200 mm from top to bottom. Because Honda has a more emphasis on urban transit XR-V and UR-V, so the positioning of CR-V on the sidelines and off-road.

  Mixed version and petrol version of the appearance of the details are different, in addition to sticking the Hybrid logo, the hybrid version of the headlamps, the net under the chrome, taillights turn lights are glowing blue light, the wheels are also different In the petrol version. Color, the new CR-V added a known as 'bead yellow' of the paint, the car looks closer to the green.
  Sit in the new CR-V car, although the interior has been redesigned, but no stunning results, you can still see the shift (mixed version of the button) is located in the center console below the classic design, steering wheel also More like the old models based on the three-spoke style hollow into four spokes. Whether from the use of materials, touch or technology, the new CR-V than the old models Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor have improved significantly! Easy to touch the place with their hands, have used a soft material, imitation wood trim feel better, reminiscent of Japanese-style bamboo furniture. New CR-V car quiet. To be honest, Honda has not been good at NVH. But this time, Honda seems to be aware of the feedback from Chinese consumers, from the core to improve NVH, rather than thicken the engine noise cotton, brush a few sealants so simple. Honda improved from three aspects NVH: First, the appearance part. The new CR-V facelift without bone wipers, the use of wind-resistant tape, mixed version of the model also changed the front block noise glass; Second, the power system. Using ANC active noise reduction system, hydraulic gearbox base, the engine liquid seal suspension, optimize the cabin part of the sound insulation material; Front and rear suspension with hydraulic bushing, rear sub-frame after the suspension, rear suspension multi-link structure to achieve under the arm layout optimization, mixed version also uses noise reduction wheels. The actual ride and driving, do not find the car quiet than some of the old models. Wind noise, chassis noise are significantly reduced, only the engine is not too good at life. Gasoline version of the CR-V in the idle time will be able to hear the obvious 'da da da' engine sound, driving the car noise is mainly from the engine.

  In the rear central armrest with a multi-function control panel, not only can control the entertainment system, but also open and close the skylight, and side windows unexpectedly increased the sunshade, seat heating function. This focus on the rear passenger's thinking is derived from the extended version of the car, it is very significant grade. Which can be through a partition plate, change the two modes: one is to dig more bottom space, but the floor can not be flat, as the old paragraph; the other is to abandon part Temperature Sensor of the bottom of the room, so that the floor flat , Easy to load large pieces of luggage. The mixed version because there are battery pack underneath, occupy a certain space, so can only provide the whole floor of the floor model. The new generation of CR-V rear compartment has an increase of 250 liters, which is not a small optimization. It should be noted that the petrol version with a spare tire, while the hybrid version is not, only equipped with an inflatable pump.

  The new CR-V petrol version uses turbocharging technology, so the displacement is reduced. It is equipped with the 'Earth Dream' 1.5T engine, the use of cooling cylinder technology, the maximum power of 142 kilowatts, the peak torque of 243 cattle meters, the book data than the previous generation of 2.4L is also strong. In the low speed driving, the acceleration is really light, no feeling of meat, but no passion - thanks to this CVT gearbox, its duty is to ensure the smooth output of power, but also fuel-efficient! It did, but this way, at the expense of the performance. , The new CR-V equipped with Honda patent i-MMD technology, this hybrid system is different from the Toyota and common version, the structure is very simple and rude, do not rely on the planetary gear as the core components.

   The hybrid version has a strong torque, very conducive to climbing. Control, the new CR-V continuation of Honda's precise sense of steering, steering wheel slightly over, there is the feeling of performance car. It is worth mentioning that the steering wheel played only 2.2 laps, 0.9 laps than the previous generation. Only the brake strength is greater, slightly affect the comfort, every stop on the stop. Hanging in the filter Speed Sensor on the general, moderate hardness, most consumers can accept. The new CR-V looks good, the internal space utilization is high, the comfort configuration is high, and the security configuration is also competitive, providing different angles of the 360-degree car image can be seen, even just finished driving test white can also quickly Get started. There are fatigue reminders, pre-brake collision warning, HUD header display and other auxiliary functions.