I have a skin problem just above my lip and beneath my nose. The skin is scaled and cracked and discoloured, with a large line indentation. (I can post picture if needed). I've had this not all my life, but from the age of 7, I am 16+.


There was an incident where I had cut the area, however, using creams and cleaning, the crack had lessened. I don't know what this problem is called, and I have searched on the internet with little or no results.


Over a month ago, I went to an appointment with the doctor's assistant about this problem because I began to have a red rash surrounding the area, along with skin flaking. She suggested that this was due to "growing up" and was completely natural and was unable to help or fix it. However, this area isn't like other peoples where it is normally smooth. It has real "lines" or indents and I cannot find away to remove it.

I've been to my normal GP, and I have repeatedly been given Hydrocortisone with the same advice of "Don't lick your lips". And I have done this for many years, with no avail.


I've used Hydrocortisone for many years, which does not help remove the actual lines, only the rash or flaking. I've always used Vaseline to moisturize this area, but again, it doesn't remove the problem. Lately I've used Blistex which again does not remove the lines (Which are like grooves in the skin), but does provide great relief and lasts longer.


I just want to know what this problem actually is and if there is any way of getting rid of it, including surgery. I'm desperate to know because I've finally had enough of this.

Please Help.



Thanks !



I didn't find the right solution from the internet.








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