September 3, the first car loan and Jingdong financial together to build the car life one-stop financial services - 'white car' was officially launched, and in Suzhou Fu Geer car square held a 'young white car Do not wait 'for the theme of the listing experience will be. The first batch of cars in the field of deep market, the accumulation of deep manufacturers of resources, the scale of business Sensor has covered Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Ningbo, Suzhou, Kunming and other major cities in the country, coupled with Jingdong financial billion flow into the precise operation and Large data to control the ability to join forces will be the best quality service for the Jingdong 240 million users to provide the latest car use solutions.

   Jingdong Financial Consumer Finance Division, general manager of the district force to encourage young people to brave to achieve the ideal of the future is Jingbang white bar has always been the idea, 85 after the younger generation is also the main force of consumption of white, 'white car' is committed to the struggle of the young People provide the first car in life. Based on the advantages Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of both the Jingdong Finance and the first car loan, the white car service has a rich and competitive price of the vehicle source, one provides the Infiniti ESQ, Buick Hideo, Volkswagen Bora, Dongfeng Teana, Guangzhou Automobile Camry , Toyota Corolla and other hot models for consumers to choose, and by the first car to provide 1 to 1 of the exclusive floor to mention car service, the future will enrich more models, open more services to the city, all-round to meet consumer demand The

  The product on September 1 officially on the line, just two days time has been able to carry on the scene, enough to prove that the first car loan speed to mention the advantages of the product. Owners Cheng Feng is a 90, he said Buick Hideo this car, white car to the total price of 105,000 yuan, 12% lower than the market guidance price. While the down payment of 20% is 21,000 yuan, which also includes the purchase tax and one year insurance, and as long as the monthly payment of 1120 yuan to pay the next paragraph interest, put the new car back home. Even more surprising is that in the depth of test drive after 1 year, like a one-time payment of the end of the payment or installment, do not like the car can also be returned or re-exchange new car, to the young people more free choice of space The This is reflected Temperature Sensor in the first car loan 'rent to buy returned, flexible and intelligent' advantage of the car. And the entire car purchase process in the Jingdong financial APP to complete, simple and smooth, the first car loan will provide a perfect floor delivery and insurance, maintenance, repair, rescue and other full-service, eliminating the traditional car way cumbersome process, so buy The car really becomes a 'little thing'. '
   As an independent third-party auto supply chain financial platform, the first car loan business scale has covered the country, in the industry in an unshakable leading position. At present in the new trend of the automobile industry circulation, the first car loan to respond quickly to market demand to carry out C-side business, the first car loan and Jingdong financial seamless convergence complement each other, the use of Internet technology and data to achieve online services, offline experience Depth integration, the real sense of the realization of the traditional car car model optimization and upgrading. Li Haiyan, chairman of the first car loan talked about its service concept is to users as the core, to the needs of users to provide a full life cycle of the car service. In the cooperation of the first car loan will be low down, the monthly low; approval fast, fast car; car source excellent, good service; flexible and easy to choose the program to maximize the advantages of products to significantly reduce the young people's car threshold , So that the young prospective owners feel the quality, convenient one-stop car consumption experience.

  In the long run, with the development of the domestic automobile industry and the transformation of modern people's consumption concept, this new car model has become the trend, this cooperation has brought the traditional car consumption mode of subversive industry, will promote the automobile industry development of. In the future, the first car loan together Jingdong Finance will be a white car Speed Sensor to create a line, line seamless convergence of car consumption one-stop financial service platform for hundreds of millions of users to bring more convenient and convenient quality service.