In order to further improve the performance of cruise control to improve the driving comfort, in the whole system to add a special road to the response procedures, such as vehicles in the non-level road driving, set the cruise speed may change The In the high-speed road driving, cruise control system can really improve the driver's comfort When driving in the uphill section, the engine load increases, affected by this, the speed decreases, this time, cruise control system will be based on changes in speed to the engine Computer to send speed compensation instructions, the principle of compensation is still the first to adjust the throttle opening, so that the engine more intake while increasing Sensor the fuel injection pulse width to compensate for fuel. Second, as a transmission, the gearbox for the changes in the speed of the response is also very positive, if the change in speed is not enough to adjust through the throttle opening, relying on cruise control system, engine control unit and automatic transmission control unit The relationship between the automatic transmission can also be through the gear to switch to compensate for the speed to contribute.

  Of course, if the speed range is too large, the cruise control system may not be able to compensate for the speed of work, in such circumstances, the need for the driver to take over the speed, as the vehicle speed to close the target speed, the system Which feedback, depending on the system's work logic, it is possible to restore the original set the state, it may be necessary to activate the system through the control lever.

   In normal circumstances, it is very easy to cancel the cruise control, step on the brake pedal or accelerator pedal, cruise control of the cruise key, the automatic transmission to switch to neutral (manual gear pedal clutch pedal), driving Members of these operations can be fixed cruise cruise function, which step on the accelerator pedal action in some cars Temperature Sensor on the cruise control system is set to temporarily cancel, that is, when the driver to speed up the action, the speed also Will return to the original set speed. It is worth noting that these signals are transmitted in the form of electrical signals to the cruise control system.

   When the system detects a related failure, the cruise control will be suspended. Brake pedal The position sensor is a part that sends a cancel signal to the cruise control. When this component fails, it means that it may not be able to send a cancel signal to the cruise control system. For this reason, The cruise control system will automatically shut down. When the speed is obtained from the wheel speed sensor, the system ABS Sensor of the vehicle stability system, the speedometer display and other requirements for the vehicle speed signal will be obtained from the wheel speed sensor. Therefore, when the wheel speed sensor is faulty, these The relevant system will be affected, cruise speed is no exception.