I saw my first ferret years ago in a pet store and wanted one immediately.  But I had always been told that they were not good to have because they were carnivores and they would eat my birds.  So for years I never got one because I always had birds.  Then about 3 years ago I saw an ad where a person wanted to rehome their ferrets for a very reasonable price.  I still had birds but I figured most of my birds were all in cages on stands.  I didn't think the ferrets could get to them.  So I ended up with two ferrets whose names were Izzy and Ozzy.  A girl and a boy.  They had this odor about them which is the first thing that people who aren't familiar with ferrets notice.  It is a musky odor.  When you bathe them it goes away for a very short time but it doesn't go away for long.  It's not  an unpleasant odor.  They are very sweet animals who can bite extremely hard but they save that biting for each other.  They have long bodies with a tail.  They like to run around and chase each other.  The way they play remind me of a cat.  They both were 2 & 3.  They never would bit me. Ozzy was the oldest one and they were so close that I was afraid that if one of them died the other would be lonely so I looked for another ferret to add to the family.  I found another little girl whose name was Jade.  Jade was another little girl who was so sweet and she fit in well.  The three of them running around the room.  I only let them run around a room.  I do not let them run around the house like some people do.  There are too many things in my house that they could get into trouble with. (My cats, My dogs).  But actually my cats have come into the room when the ferrets are out and they run out of the room.  The cats are afraid of the ferrets. 

I had read all the books I could find on Ferrets and looked on the Internet.  Izzy ended up dying a few months later.  So I was down to 2 again.  I had got Jade because I was afraid of Ozzy dying because he was older.  So I looked for another Ferret and found Mr. Stubby who was a young fat Ferret who is very sweet and very curious.  He gets into everything.  When they are out Mr. Stubby ended up being the only one out getting into everything because Jade and Ozzy would end up going back to sleep.  So I was looking in Craigslist and I see a photo of this ferret that looked pitiful.  Someone was holding him and something said to me that I needed to rescue him.  Which was true.  Because I did ended up getting him in some very strange conditions.  It was at night in a shady neighborhood at a house that looked abandoned.  A young girl came out to the truck and handed me a wet bony ferret. I gave her the money and we left.  I asked her what she fed him and she said cat food and she said he liked to drink Coca Cola.  No wonder he was skin and bones.  He looked horrible.  I put him in a separate cage and took him to my vet the next day and the vet said he was full of flea bites.  That was probably why she had bathed him.  But now he is a fat boy. 

I was reading Craigslist ads about some woman who was looking for help with her ferrets who she had just bought.  Her husband was complaining about the smell.  She took out the floor of the cage because she thought that was the source of the smell and she put in laminate!! Which I am sure was not good for the ferret becaiuse she had to use some kind of glue to put it in.  She was thinking it was the poop that the source of the smell not realizing that it was the ferrets themselves that smell.  Their poop does not smell.  There is a solution that you put in their water so their poop does not smell.  She also did not have any ferret food for them.  She was feeding them fruit and vegetables which she said they were eating.  Of course they were eating it, they were hungry!! Poor ferrets.  Read a book woman!!  I had tried to email her but I couldn't get through to her.  I hope those poor ferrets got some help.  This is what I am talking about not knowing about an animal before you buy it. 

That is why so many people get rid of animals after they get them.  They don't read about these pets before they get them.  It should be a requirement for people to learn about an animal before they get them.  Maybe we'd have less homeless animals in shelters