Cypress Semiconductor offers greater storage space for program code and graphics display settings to support hybrid dashboard applications. The new and highly integrated S6J32xE family of devices offers a single-chip solution that drives flat-panel display systems and traditional dashboard graphics, as it uses the Cypress low-pin count HyperBus® storage interface for scalability. Cypress offers a broad portfolio Sensor of automotive products offering a wide range of performance options in MCU, storage, radio frequency, capacitive touch solutions, power management ICs (PMICs) and other technologies, and today's new Series has been expanded again.
  The Traveo S6J32xE series features up to 4MB of high-capacity embedded flash memory, 512 KB of RAM and 2 MB of video RAM, and a 240 MHz ARM® Cortex® -R5 core. The series of MCUs can support up to two 12-pin HyperBus storage interface, can greatly improve the graphics data and other data or code read and write performance. The device can use a HyperBus interface to connect two memory for firmware air upgrade (FOTA), so that the vehicles have been put into use can download software patches, functions and applications. The family of MCUs integrates low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) video output and provides a suitable interface for external displays such Suction Control Valve as thin film transistors (TFTs). This series of MCUs supports all vehicle network standards used by the instrumentation system, including the CAN-FD (Controller Area Network Bus - Flexible Data Transmission) protocol and the Ethernet AVB protocol.
  Cypress's new line of Traveo MCUs conforms to the strong growth trend of hybrid dashboards and head-up display systems, demonstrating the promise of expanding the portfolio of automotive products to meet changing customer needs. These new devices provide a high-performance and cost-effective platform for automakers to enhance the ability of Cypress to provide advanced functionality for popular models.
  The new addition of Traveo's new product in the S6J32xE family integrates enhanced security hardware extensions (eSHE) for robust security. The HyperBus interface can be seamlessly connected to Cypress's HyperFlash ™ and HyperRAM® storage, and the Traveo MCU can provide up to 200MBps of read / write bandwidth per channel. The MCU includes a 50-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a 12-channel multifunction serial interface and an I2S interface, and an audio digital-to-analog converter (AUDIO DAC) that outputs fuel metering valve the high quality composite required by today's instrument panel systems Sound effect. While the Media LB interface supports traditional media communication systems, the device's support for Ethernet AVB increases the bandwidth of multimedia applications and reduces programming time. The S6J32xE series supports a wider range of - 40 ° C to +105 ° C ambient temperature ranges.
  Cypress and many of the world's leading car manufacturers to work together to bring luxury models into the popular models, including advanced driving support system (ADAS), 3D graphics display and full-featured touch screen. The combination of Cypress and Spansion has created the industry's third largest supplier of automotive memory and microcontrollers (MCUs), providing a richer product portfolio, including the Traveo® MCU family, Power Management IC (PMIC), PSoC • Programmable system-on-a-chip solutions, CapSense ™ capacitive sensing solutions, TrueTouch ™ touchscreen, LED drivers, NOR flash memory, SRAM and F-RAM memory, and USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity solutions. The strong portfolio is based Temperature Sensor on Cypress's zero defect and commitment to providing world-class service, as well as the most stringent ISO / TS 16949 quality management system, the Automotive Electronics Equipment Council (AEC) IC and the Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) Of the industry standard compliance.