Czech Republic is a modern group's luxury brand, set up in 2015, currently only three cars. Online auto market from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office Sensor was informed that: Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. registered in China, 'GV80' trademark. In April this year, released a VV80 called SUV concept car, the new car production, will compete with the Audi Q5.

   The Czech Republic GV80 is positioned as a medium SUV. At present, the domestic medium-sized SUV market, luxury brand competition, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and BMW X3 and other models are its competitors. The Czech Republic GV80 is expected to carry 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 192kW, peak torque of 353Nm. Compared to the Audi Q5 equipped with 2.0T engine, the maximum power Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is stronger, the peak torque is greater. GV80 concept car is a medium SUV, from the side of the car, the overall design elegant and generous. Rims with a hollow design, irregular surface of the grid shape, in the door frame, the same similar mesh decoration. GV80 concept car with a hidden door handle, with the camera instead of the left and right rearview mirror.

  GV80 concept car interior design is also very characteristic, the steering wheel uses a four-style steering wheel, multi-function keys focused on the chrome decoration. Dashboard and the control screen are all LCD. GV80 concept Temperature Sensor car with a one-piece seats, the seat is equipped with a small LCD screen. The new car uses a 2 + 2 seat layout.