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1. Top Performances of the Puerto Rican League2. Mostly Relevant Video: Boston Prospect Jose En Torre3. Final (!) SCOUT Leaderboards: Puerto Rican League

Top Performances from the Puerto Rican LeagueThe playoffs for the Puerto Rican League (PRL) have started and, as such, the regular-season stats for that players in said League are final.

Here are the top performers of the PRL, per SCOUT (a metric explained below, but which, briefly stated, uses regre sed inputs to help make feeling of small samples).

Best Hitter (Overall): Pedro ValdesA one-time member of both the Rangers and Cubs organizations and who owns 93 major-league plate appearances Pedro Valdes has spent the past 10-plus seasons in Japan and Mexico, predominantly. Provided his Baseball Reference Mike Morgan Jersey page is accurate, he appears actually not to have played profe sional ball in 2012. Provided the author understands three words in Spanish, Valdes appears to be retiring from baseball completely following a completing the Puerto Rican League. While hitting just two home runs within the PRL, Valdes owned the strike zone, posting a 30:16 walk-to-strikeout ratio within an estimated 116 plate appearances.

Best Hitter (Prospects): Jeff DominguezAfter playing his first seven profe sional seasons within the Seattle system, Jeff Dominguez spent 2011-12 with Miami, although the results werent very different. Dominguez, who turned 26 at the end of July, is really a .245/.303/.328 career hitter in over 3,200 minor-league plate appearances nor, if his early Total Zone figures are any suggestion, hes of no significant advantage at either shortstop or second base, either. Perhaps more notable among prospect-age hitters in Puerto Rico this winter was Houston minor leaguer Enrique Hernandez. Drawn in the sixth round of the 2009 draft, the second baseman reached Double-A in the age-20 season this year. Hernandez struck in just 10.5% of his 411 plate appearances at High-A Lancaster this past season an interest rate he very closely approximated (10.8%) in his 158 plate Cary Williams Jersey appearances within the PRL.

Best Pitcher (Overall): Jose De La TorreRight-hander Jose De La Torre is a reasonably effective minor-league relief pitcher for the better part six seasons now, striking out on the batter per every one of 339.2 profe sional innings. Originally signed through the Mets, he began 2012 with the Indians after which moved to the Red Sox (in return for Brent Lillibridge) after July, with which clubs Triple-A affiliate he posted a 16:3 strikeout-to-walk ratio and 3.36 FIP in 18.1 innings. Based on Baseball Americas Matt Eddy, De La Torre includes a 90-94 sinking fastball, although lacks a dominant secondary offering.

Best Pitcher (Starters): Javier VazquezFormer major-leaguer Javier Vazquez joined the PRL at the outset of December with a view towards getting ready to the upcoming World Baseball Cla sic. Inside a mere five starts, he established himself as the best starting pitcher within the league something of an accomplishment, considering his numbers, in a smaller sample, were susceptible to greater regre sion. Vazquez posted a 30:6 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 23.0 innings with Ponce. He made a playoff begin Friday with another team, Caguas. His line from that (box): 6.0 IP, 4 K, 0 BB, 0 HR, 3 H, 5:6 GO:AO.

Mostly Relevant Video: Boston Prospect Jose En TorreHeres footage of Boston minor-league right-hander (and, as noted above, Champion of Puerto Rican League Pitchers Jeremy Lane Jersey ) Jose En Torre striking out three Syracuse batters this August, on what appears to be a changeup (although the announcer describes it as a breaking ball) and then fastball after which slider. Click this hyperlinked text for other video of En Torre.

Final (!) SCOUT Leaderboards: Puerto Rican Baseball LeagueBelow are the final SCOUT leaderboards for the Puerto Rican League. (Ages as of July 1st, 2012. Players listed with last organization actually played for. Click here for more about what's SCOUT.)

SCOUT Leaderboard: Puerto Rican League HittersBelow is the final SCOUT batting leaderboard for the J.D. McKissic Jersey Puerto Rican League. SCOUT+ is calculated using regre sed home-run, walk, and strikeout rates, where 100 is average and above 100 is excellent.

PlayerTeamAgePosPAxHR%xBB%xK%SCOUT+Pedro ValdesN/A39DH1461.5%17.4%11.2%139Carlos RiveraMEX341B1383.2%11.3%14.8%134Andy GonzalezBrewers303B1612.4%14.8%18.6%127Johnny MonellGiants26DH1213.3%11.6%20.9%123Luis MatosMEX33LF1241.3%11.4%10.6%119Angel SanchezAstros28SS1331.6%10.5%11.4%118Ruben GotayBraves291B1560.8%13.0%10.9%117Irving FaluRoyals292B1561.1%9.0%7.1%117Jesus FelicianoRays33CF1680.7%9.4%5.4%117Jeff DominguezMarlins253B1261.6%14.3%18.3%116

SCOUT Leaderboard: Puerto Rican League Hitters (Prospects)Here may be the SCOUT batting leaderboard for that Puerto Rican League, but only populated with players who're 25 or under i.e. something more like prospect age in accordance with the league.

PlayerTeamAgePosPAxHR%xBB%xK%SCOUT+Jeff DominguezMarlins253B1261.6%14.3%18.3%116Jaime OrtizMarlins23LF522.4%9.7%16.9%114Enrique HernandezAstros202B1581.4%7.4%10.8%109Ivan De JesusPirates252B1561.8%8.5%14.7%108Brandon SnyderRangers251B121.9%10.0%17.8%108Michael PerezD-backs19C152.2%9.3%19.5%106Anthony GarciaCardinals20RF1182.0%10.7%20.6%105Roberto PerezIndians23C701.3%11.3%17.3%105Juan CentenoMets22C1011.4%9.0%14.8%105Christian ColonRoyals232B1661.1%8.0%11.4%105

SCOUT Leaderboard: Puerto Rican League PitchersBelow may be the final SCOUT pitching leaderboard for the Puerto Rican League. SCOUT- is calculated using regre sed strikeout and walk rates where 100 is average and below 100 is above average.

PlayerTeamAgeGGSIPTBFxK%xBB%SCOUT-Jose En TorreRed Sox2619024.19326.8%7.9%74Javier VazquezN/A355523.09826.2%8.2%76Jason UrquidezRed Sox2918025.110424.1%7.6%80Julio RodriguezPhillies2110327.011424.3%9.0%84Scott KazmirN/A285522.210323.7%8.5%84Ricardo GomezIND3416017.27124.2%9.0%84Randy FontanezMets2312025.09822.2%7.5%85Rob BrysonIndians2415015.15723.8%9.0%85Tyrelle HarrisCubs255212.25123.2%8.6%85Giovanni SotoIndians2111015.15723.8%9.2%86

SCOUT Leaderboard: Puerto Rican League Pitchers (Starters)Here is the SCOUT pitching leaderboard for that Puerto Rican League, but only populated with pitchers whove made at least half of their appearances as starts.

PlayerTeamAgeGGSIPTBFxK%xBB%SCOUT-Javier VazquezN/A355523.09826.2%8.2%76Scott KazmirN/A285522.210323.7%8.5%84Kelvin VillaIND269843.018921.7%7 Earl Thomas Jersey.9%88Shoki KasaharaNPB217731.013721.6%8.0%88Derek BlacksherIND272210.03921.3%8.0%89Tomas SantiagoN/A3010643.218022.3%9.1%89Dennis SuarezIND2812635.215022.7%9.6%89Josh RomanskiYankees257735.014420.1%7.8%92Mark CohoonMets247731.114018.5%7.2%94Shinya KayamaNPB227737.116820.2%8.9%95