The data memory is a large capacity data storage device. Using embedded system control chip, the serial port RS-232 input data transparent storage in the SD card. The data memory does not require the user to transform Sensor the existing equipment to realize real-time data storage. Optional lithium battery configuration, suitable for field and mobile data storage environment. The product has been widely used in systems integration equipment, automated collection equipment, universities, research institutes important experimental device 'black box', is a highly integrated, high reliability, low cost advantage of data storage products.
    Many monitoring areas only need to obtain on-site data, without the need for real-time monitoring of the case, the urgent need for a data can be stored, and regularly get data analysis and low cost of equipment. In response to this demand, we have developed a portable large capacity data storage devices, suitable for a variety of application environments. With the continuous development of automotive technology, automated electronic control technology in the new car manufacturing and maintenance process is used, the new car with a large number of electronic control unit, car repair Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and maintenance is no longer a simple mechanical operation, but More and more dependent on electronic, computerized professional tools. The past car repair is based on mechanical repair and repair parts, and modern vehicle maintenance is driven by the diagnosis of electromechanical systems as the core of the diagnostic technology.
   In order to cope with the new trend, the depot in the car electronic control system design, but also greatly increased the fault self-diagnosis function of the system design. The self-diagnosis system can continuously monitor the electronic control system during the running of the automobile, including engine operation, engine operation, water temperature, driving speed, electronic ignition, oil supply, air intake and so on. In the event of an abnormality, the cause of the fault is analyzed by the specific algorithm set Temperature Sensor and the fault codes are stored in the memory of the travel system ECU while starting the corresponding fault operation module function and performing safety measures (such as failure Indicator / alarm warning sound / automatic stop corresponding function), to remind the failure of the car can repair the repair shop; and technical maintenance personnel can use the car diagnostic equipment to read its fault code, accurate fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.

    Commonly used to detect engine data, including engine speed, speed, engine water temperature, load, Air flow rate, O2sensor, battery voltage, body number and other vehicle computer information, and can clear the error code. Ordinary car diagnostic apparatus is through the serial RS232 or USB connected to the computer, the detection engine data uploaded to the computer for analysis. As the car operating space is small, the use of cable data transmission has brought a lot of inconvenience. Driving system ECU memory can not meet the long-term, large-capacity data storage, the use of data storage can make the use of diagnostic tools more convenient. The use of industrial-grade high-performance 32-bit processor, stable performance, processing power; the use of a unique dynamic memory allocation management algorithm to improve data processing capacity; transparent data storage, user-friendly delivery;

  Widely used in petrochemical, power monitoring, environmental monitoring, urban water pipe network monitoring, natural disaster monitoring, marine monitoring data records, meteorological data collection, hydrological data records, GPS observation data collection, remote sensing, trajectory recording, car black box, Monitoring of field data, a variety of sensor data records and other important data post-processing applications. Commonly used equipment with flow meters, CNC machine tools PLC controller, elevator control, air compressor control, a variety of GPS data records, temperature and humidity sensors, rain gauge, level gauge, pressure sensor, angle meter, gyroscope, ranging Instrument, sonar equipment, sounding equipment, shipborne radar Speed Sensor and so on. In data collection and measurement instruments, especially in portable devices, data storage and transmission is an inevitable problem, a large number of important data can be reliably preserved is essential.