NXP and Baolong Technology today announced that they will jointly deepen the partnership, in the existing tire pressure monitoring system product development and technical cooperation on the basis of deepening the level of cooperation Sensor to jointly carry out tire pressure monitoring system chip design and evaluation work, Pressure monitoring system to provide a more comprehensive technical support and improve the security, and jointly help China tire pressure monitoring industry in all-round development.
  NXP Semiconductors sincerely congratulated Branson Technology on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully listed, as one of China's most competitive auto parts manufacturers, which is the history of Baolong technology development is an important milestone. With the official introduction of China's passenger tire pressure mandatory national standard, tire pressure monitoring system will be one of the important standard tools fuel metering valve to protect traffic safety. NXP has been an industry leader in safety technology for automotive tire pressure monitoring systems for many years and has successfully developed four generations of small, integrated, low-power, high-quality sensors for automotive customers. Poly Technology is the leader in multiple market segments for automotive components and continues to improve the quality and performance of TPMS modules through improved and innovative design and manufacturing processes. The two companies are working together to continuously refresh the industry's new standards in key features such as energy consumption, size and weight of the tire pressure monitoring system, while helping to improve the safety and fuel efficiency of all vehicles.
  Since its inception in 1997, Baolong technology always adhere to the automotive industry research and development and innovation, and car tire pressure detection system has been one of the company's important business areas, has now become the leading domestic, the world's top five tire pressure monitoring system before Temperature Sensor the supply Business. NXP is an important partner of Paulon Technology. In recent years, tire pressure detection system in China maintained a good momentum of development, will be closely integrated with their own R \u0026 D strengths, through the co-operation with NXP, and strive for the majority of owners to provide more innovative security products for China tire pressure monitoring The overall development of the system escort.

  Tire pressure monitoring system and car airbags, anti-lock braking system and said the three major car safety system, which is to ensure that the car tire during the process of pressure and temperature monitoring has a crucial role, with a good tire pressure monitoring system , Can greatly reduce the probability of abnormal tire damage, while reducing vehicle fuel consumption. It is expected that more than 80% of the world's light vehicles will be equipped with tire pressure monitoring system by 2020, while China will be the main area of ​​growth. September 2016, the mandatory national standard 'passenger ABS Sensor tire tire pressure monitoring system performance requirements and test methods' through technical review, will be approved by the National Standardization Management Committee to determine the specific implementation time and be officially released. It also means that soon after, China's domestic sales of the car will have to be equipped with tire pressure monitoring system. As an international leader in secure connectivity solutions, NXP's tire pressure monitoring system solution has the advantages of small size, low power consumption Throttle Position Sensor and high accuracy, and can measure the air pressure of each tire independently and in real time and transmit the information to Vehicle dashboard for immediate notification to the driver. NXP will continue to focus on and support China tire pressure monitoring system industry development and innovation, is committed to working together local partners to create a smart and secure industrial ecosystem.