The auto parts manufacturer, Delphi, has developed and produced a new generation of gesture control systems that can monitor Sensor front-row members, including drivers and passengers. Is currently working with two major equipment manufacturers to discuss cooperation matters.

   Delphi's in-car infotainment systems and other components have been scaled up, equipped with higher resolution cameras and more advanced gesture learning techniques that have met the needs of the latest gesture control systems. The company produces two system prototypes that are prepared by mainstream equipment manufacturers. The goal of high-end products is technology, as has not yet widely used in the system, Delphi revealed to foreign media, the system has successfully caused two major high-end brand interest. Although it did not disclose the information of the two car prices, but the brand has been with the BMW, Audi to maintain Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor close cooperation. Gesture control technology peripherals system has long been configured in the new Audi A8, as a driver monitor to use, I believe in the near future, the product will also be used in other equipment manufacturers on the high-end models.

  These systems, as well as new displays with 3D displays, can monitor the driver and warn you when it is in danger. Whether the driver or the passenger, as long as the distraction or the emergence of certain dangerous behavior, the system can play its role. Delphi said it had noticed a large amount of data generated by the monitoring system, and the next step would be to teach the car how to identify useful data. Once the function fuel metering valve is implemented, the data will be sent to the insurance company for the driver in exchange for the low premium if the driver permits it.