Intel will adopt an end-to-end strategy in the data world, from front-end data collection, capture and computation, to data transmission, analysis and mining, and ultimately to add value to the data. Intel hopes to cooperate with China in eight areas: artificial intelligence, unmanned, 5G, virtual reality, Chinese manufacturing 2025, precision medical, sports, robot and so on. Intel has been committed to business restructuring, including the Internet of Things, data centers, games, car networking and UAVs, including business and now revenue and profitability Sensor has accounted for about half of the overall business. These new business growth has been significantly more than the traditional PC business. Intel has partnered with Chinese companies in the areas of chips, 5G and AI, including its cooperation with Ziguang Group's chip maker Spreadtrum in wireless communications and mobile phone chips. In cooperation with Tsinghua University, Intel has developed digital chip research. And China Mobile and other telecom operators and some telecommunications equipment enterprises in 5G aspects of in-depth cooperation.
   Intel's model is to establish the industrial chain, the ecological chain, and the entire ecological chain, industrial chain common innovation and development. At the same time try in the era of intelligent Internet, through the intelligent equipment to produce more valuable data, and then realize value-added, to promote the development and transformation of the real economy. And with the intelligent equipment and intelligent Internet, the data flood is surging and to. Intel's positioning is taking place, which is important information that it needs to deliver to the outside world. The past digital operations Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor are cut according to the field, the field of demand is relatively fixed, the amount of calculation and the difficulty of computing requirements are linear, relatively easy to define. As has been leading the PC era of the giant Intel, the positioning has undergone a profound change.

  Delphi has provided the BMW Group with a prototype computing platform and is working with Intel and Mobileye in the areas of perception, sensor convergence and high performance unmanned computing. Unmanned to Intel, that is, all connections within the car. Through the real-time computing environment to produce large data processing, as well as the security of the judge to achieve real unmanned. He also said that the future of 5G technology and the car's human-computer interaction technology will be a huge change, which greatly enhance the performance of automatic driving. Compared to Google in the field of automatic driving performance, in recent years, Intel is vigorously to the Internet of things and data center transformation, but the company Pressure Sensor is still difficult to PC chip processor 'break.' As Intel's traditional core business, PC chip revenue to Intel's annual revenue contribution of more than half. It is hard to recognize that the PC is harder to be the engine of the company's growth, but he remains optimistic about the future of the market for innovation and profitability.

 Intel Flash in architecture and technology compared with the competitors have a strong differentiation, although the artificial intelligence and depth of learning is very fire, all companies are struggling to develop AI chips, but the traditional PC can not die, and Intel in the This area is Speed Sensor still alive well, but also with a lot of money to do generous acquisitions, betting the future hope that the outbreak of the field, such as unmanned and Internet of things.