The purpose of a dental crown is to provide cover for a tooth so that no fractures are likely to occur. Fractures and cracks frequently happen to teeth with large existing restorations, as well as teeth that are subjected to excessive loading as seen in sleep grinders/clincher.

Crowns can be made from different materials. We provide all metal crowns (Steel finish or gold finish), Porcelain fused to metal (tooth coloured with a metal alloy coping inside) and all ceramic crown (tooth coloured). All the above materials are well tolerated by cheek and gum.

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, they design their ceramic crowns in-house using modern CAD/CAM technology where 3D images of the teeth are loaded on to the SIRONA-CEREC software and crowns are milled by computer operated machines in less than 10 minutes.

Their metal crowns are done in two visits. Dentists prepare the tooth, take impressions and send the impressions to highly experienced dental technicians in Sydney and Melbourne where crowns are made. They are then cemented in the second visit.

What kind of Dental Crown material should I choose?

There are many different types of materials to choose from:

Full-metallic crown: Gold alloys are one of the most commonly used materials. Known for its high malleability, ductility and biocompatible nature, gold alloys are very friendly to tooth. There is minimal amount of natural tooth structure taken off during preparations for gold crowns.

Porcelain-fused-metal (PFM) crown: to improve the aesthetic of a metallic crown especially in anterior/front teeth, dental technicians can place ceramics to cover the metal to give it a tooth-like aesthetic.

Ceramic crowns: are typically made of high-strength medical grade ceramic (modified glass +lithium disilicate). One of the favourite crowns, the latest chair-side CADCAM technology is used to provide precision fit dental crowns. The accuracy of such restoration is within microns of discrepancy, making them some of the most precision fitting restorations available to dentists.

Zirconia crowns: made out of Yttrium stabilised zirconia polycrystals; these crown are one the strongest available crowns of modern times. These are laboratory made crowns and need two visits for completion.

How long will my Dental Crown Last?

Dental crowns last as long as the patient routinely visits a dentist to ensure good dental hygiene.

How many visits will my Dental Crown take?

Most dental practices require patients to make two to three visits because the moulds need to be sent off to a dental laboratory to construct the crown. At Civic Gentle Dental Care we make our crowns at our practice. This enables us to reduce the extra cost associated with laboratory fees and also ensure that the quality meets our high standards. It also benefits our patients by allowing the entire dental procedure to be completed in one visit.

Our experienced and friendly Dentists will explain the process with you and you can watch your dental crown be made with our advanced Dental Crown technology equipment at Civic Gentle Dental Care.

What other dental options are available?

There are many restorative options available to help you achieve the smile you would like. The dentist will discuss with you the entire options and help tailor your personal treatment plan that provides the best outcome related to your individualised goals.