Bathrooms fall into two categories: arts bathrooms and science bathrooms. Science bathrooms are updated with the newest technology. Arts bathrooms look great but don't have the technology to work properly.

The best kind of bathroom includes elements of both the science bathroom and the arts bathroom. This kind of bathroom not only looks great, but it functions as it should as well. It is a bathroom that you actually want to spend some time in, and not just because you have a few self care tasks to attend to, either.




On the walls of the bathroom, you either have paint, wallpaper or tile. If you choose paint, select a light color. Bathrooms are not large spaces; when you use dark paint, it makes you feel closed in. There is one exception to this rule. Mixing black and white paint is very stylish right now.

Make sure that you select paint made for bathrooms. It will help to repel mold and keep the walls from getting too wet.

Wallpaper is another option, and it can really dress up the space. However, like the paint, choose wallpaper that was created for bathrooms. It normally has a vinyl coating and is thicker than regular wallpaper. It will have to be replaced eventually, though.

Ceramic tile may be the best choice. The bigger the tile the better; not only do you have to use less grout, but it is a stylish choice at the moment. Of course, grout can be an issue. You don't want it to turn black, so you need to make sure the tile is cleaned on a regular basis. Also, attend to the grout with a bicarb and bleach mixture every once in a while. You can do this with an old toothbrush.




Many people erroneously believe that there are a lot of options when it comes to bathroom flooring. This is not true. There are a lot of flooring options in general. But, when it comes to what you can have in the bathroom, you are limited.

Bathrooms have a lot of moisture, and as a result, many of the usual flooring options don't work. Carpet just stays too wet. Wood can be damaged by the water. Tiles are a better choice, but they are tricky to maintain as you have to put a sealer over the grout regularly, unless you use epoxy.

Ultimately, stone flooring is the best option. You can actually make the look your own, though, because there are a lot of stone options. This kind of flooring holds up well against water, looks great and lasts a long time. Stay away from polished stone or marble, though; they are slippery.




Bathrooms should have plenty of light. Consider installing downlights. Six or so in the ceiling should do the trick. Spotlights may also help light up dark areas.

Many people find their bathroom to be relaxing and enjoy taking a bath in order to de-stress after a long day. How can you achieve the right lighting in these circumstances? Consider going with a dimmer switch. And, don't forget to put a tube light over your bathroom mirror.




Do you have a central heating system? If so, think about getting a heated towel rack. It is multi functional; it can hold towels, it dries towels, and it keeps the room warm and cozy.

If you plan to add any additional heaters to the bathroom, make sure you get a professional to weigh in on your plans first. There is a lot that you may not be able to legally do in the space.