Automotive electronics is a set of electronic technology, automotive technology, information technology, computer technology and network technology in one, including the basic technology layer, the electric control system layer Sensor and the car environment interactive layer three levels, and experienced discrete electronic components control, parts Independent control and intelligent, networked integrated control application of three stages of development.

  Automatic driving is a strong momentum swept the global automotive industry, the traditional car manufacturers, auto parts enterprises, IT communications companies and other forces have involved in automatic driving and participate in R \u0026 D and manufacturing. Unmanned driving will solve the difficult problems of urban development such as congestion and parking. Unmanned technology can also be used for logistics, sharing travel and other fields, has a very high social and economic benefits. And unmanned driving is not simply the competition between enterprises, has now risen to the level of national strategy, and competition for unmanned industry leadership 'national competition' has been fully opened. Yes, this is a battle for national competitiveness. From the sensor supply to the integration of software technology, and then to build the hardware, automatic driving is becoming the next car industry chain was grabbed the big cake. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles to pull the market demand for power batteries, power batteries Temperature Sensor are basically divided into batteries (lithium-ion battery-based) and fuel cell two, but because of fuel cell R \u0026 D costs and maintenance costs are too high (fuel cell Of the maintenance costs is about three to four times the battery), the development of electric vehicles at this stage is not very suitable for the development. Faced with the upcoming new energy vehicles 'blowout', lithium battery seems to be a great magic weapon to win.

    Car infotainment system as a vehicle electrical and network of an important node, responsible for the display and feedback vehicle status and information of the important role. Car infotainment system is interactive and diverse, powerful graphical intelligent system. In recent years, the original closed car system ushered in a new wave of competition, the market structure and product form will produce a big change. Car infotainment system to meet the comfort, entertainment and informative conditions, gradually toward the performance integration, the proportion of increased direction, after a single performance gradually expanded ABS Sensor to video entertainment, car navigation, wireless communication is one of the multi-media information exchange equipment. Infotainment system functions related to human-computer interaction, sound \\ video signal, wireless signal, hard signal and bus signal and other technology integration.

  ADAS system for ECU, MCU needs are multi-core architecture, higher frequency and lower power consumption of the processor; ADAS system needs to use some of the equipment to obtain real-time access to ambient information, radar and Lidar is a better identification sensor, but they are the price Expensive; the algorithm running on the ECU and the MCU needs to use the real-time information obtained by the sensor to determine how the car will act; when the GPS fails, the accurate map system can help avoid the accident. Smart car development technology and industry development recognized path is advanced aided driving, part of autopilot, highly automatic driving and completely unmanned, intelligent car stage. The advanced driving assistance system utilizes a variety of sensors installed in the car to sense the surrounding environment at any time during the running of the vehicle, collect data, perform static, dynamic object identification, detection and tracking, and combine the navigator map data , The system operation and analysis, so that the driver in advance to detect the possible danger, effectively increase the comfort and safety of car driving. ADAS design is not to control the vehicle, but to remind the driver to pay attention Throttle Position Sensor to potential hazards, improve traffic safety. These active safety technologies are implemented using advanced driving assistance systems such as radar, camera and lidar sensors, such as the lane departure warning system using a CMOS camera sensor, the night vision system using an infrared sensor, and the adaptive cruise control system (ACC) Radar technology, parking assist system is the use of ultrasonic technology.