Automotive intelligence tide surging, ADAS resource integration is the key. The increase in the level of automotive intelligence makes the domestic vehicle manufacturers a huge demand for ADAS system, and vehicle manufacturers demand for a complete set of ADAS system is more than a single sensor needs, with a full set of ADAS technology (perception, control, implementation) of the company Sensor Will be more competitive. Therefore, we believe that large domestic manufacturers (one, two suppliers) will be very concerned about the ADAS front-end (perception), mid-range (control), back-end (implementation) resources integration, the first to grasp the scarce resources will have first Advantage, easier to stand out in the trend of intelligent driving. Concerned about the opportunity of M \u0026 A radar market acquisition. Domestic research in the millimeter-wave radar started late, with 24GHz product technology companies are still less, and master the 77GHz product technology company is rare, is the market is very scarce resources. Therefore, we believe that the master of the millimeter-wave radar core technology companies will be large domestic manufacturers, listed companies Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor attach great importance to the resources, to focus on the potential opportunities for mergers and acquisitions on the market. 

   Lidder: a significant reduction in the cost of powerful equipment can be a high-precision radar technology. The application of LIDAR began mainly in the military field, which was greatly concerned by the military departments of various countries. Compared to ordinary radar, lidar can provide high-resolution radiation intensity geometric images, distance images, and velocity images. According to the use and function division, there are tracking laser radar, guided laser radar, fire control laser radar, weather laser radar, underwater laser radar, can adapt Pressure Sensor to different battlefield environment. In the field of civil, the lidar because of its distance measurement, three-dimensional modeling and other areas of the superior performance is also widely used. Laser radar performance is excellent, no one is driving the best technical route. Lidars have a very superior performance compared to other autopilot sensors:

1) high resolution. Lidars can achieve very high angles, distance and speed resolution. Usually the laser radar angular resolution of not less than 0.1mard that can distinguish 3km distance 0.3m away from the two goals, and can track multiple targets; distance resolution of up to 0.1m; speed resolution can reach 10m / S or less. Such a high distance, speed resolution means that the lidar can use Doppler imaging technology to obtain a very clear image.

2) high accuracy. Laser linear propagation, good direction, the beam is very narrow, very low dispersion, so the accuracy of the lidar is very high.

3) strong resistance to active interference. Unlike microwave and millimeter-wave radars, which are susceptible to the widespread influence of electromagnetic waves in nature, there is not much signal source in the natural world that Speed Sensor can interfere with the lidar, so the ability of the lidar to resist active interference is strong.

  Light radar can be divided into one-dimensional light radar, two-dimensional light radar, three-dimensional optical scanners, three-dimensional light radar. One-dimensional light radar is mainly used for distance measurement, etc., two-dimensional light radar is mainly used for contour measurement, object recognition, regional monitoring, three-dimensional light radar can be real

   Realistic three - dimensional space modeling. Car three-dimensional light radar is generally installed in the roof, you can rotate at high speed to get the surrounding space point cloud data, so real-time mapping of the vehicle around the three-dimensional space map; the same time, light radar can also measure the surrounding other vehicles in three directions The speed, acceleration, angular velocity and other information, combined with GPS map to calculate the location of the vehicle, these large and rich data transmission to the ECU analysis and processing, for the vehicle to make a quick judgment. Three-dimensional laser radar gradually developed into the standard for automatic driving. Three-dimensional laser radar is a powerful, unmanned best solution, from the earliest Google pod car to the endless car prices test cases, laser radar has gradually Throttle Position Sensor developed into standard. It is not difficult to find that, with the selection and planning of the enterprise automatic driving program, the commercialization of the vehicle lidar is quietly taking place. In ensuring the quality of the premise, the cost reduction will push the intelligent driving industry process. Lidder with its ultra-high precision, is considered an unmanned inevitable choice;
Velodyne car laser radar products in the future is expected to cost control in less than 200 US dollars. Velodyne's laser radar is the original data, need to be processed twice to 64-line laser radar, the amount of cloud data per second is 1.3 million, which requires desktop-level graphics support to work smoothly. While the desktop graphics card needs expensive memory and thermal design, and the price is expensive, up to 70,000 US dollars.