Environment-friendly, can reduce the road occupation, saving parking resources, reduce travel costs, these are shared car with the characteristics of electric sharing of the environmental benefits of car is more prominent. Sharing a bicycle has become a landscape in the city. In situ also car, parked into a special parking spaces, turn off, the key into the cup care, remote lock. To the hot business district Sensor for the operation of the CAR2SHARE, is tailored for the Chinese market, shared car model, has entered the north, on, wide, deep and other six cities. And site-based operation to consumers to take the car, but also to bring the inconvenience of the car, that is, rent is also free movement, better able to solve the pain of consumers.

In addition to car manufacturers to participate in the creation of shared car brands, at present, operated by third-party car companies, in addition to Start (formerly PP car rental) Internet Internet rental car rental platform, the vast majority of the use of investment vehicles, the formation of the fleet Re - asset model. As a result of the larger investment, there are only 3-4 vehicles put more than 1,000 vehicles, leaving the majority of enterprises put less than 500 vehicles. In order to expand the size of the shared car, through the basic structure of the vehicle on the pre-sharing function, supplemented by 'two car keys + more than a hand-ring to share the key' design, so that owners can share through Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the vehicle APP, remote authorized to wear a hand Ring people use the vehicle. The first step is to share between friends and relatives, then you can also enjoy the membership system to share, and other vehicles need to modify the ignition system is different from the beginning of the beginning with a share of the gene.

  Electric car sharing, charging parking construction, vehicle operation scheduling are greatly increased the difficulty, but in order to implement SAIC Electric, network, intelligent, shared the 'new four' strategy, EVCARD is determined to explore a new energy vehicles Share the road. Foreign experience has shown that a shared car can replace 6-10 private cars, which means that each additional zero pollution of pure electric car, you can reduce the 6-10 ordinary private car emissions. EVCARD this country's largest new energy vehicle time-sharing leasing operations enterprises, has been in the country's 24 cities have put 12,000 new energy vehicles, more than 780,000 members, total orders of nearly 3.1 million pen. As of the end of May this year, EVCARD total mileage of 150 million km, reducing greenhouse gas emissions of more than 28,000 tons, equivalent to 19,000 trees.

   Although the market prospects, but placed in front of the car there are still many problems to be solved. Although car sharing helps reduce the willingness of individual car purchase, it can alleviate the rapid growth trend Speed Sensor of urban private car ownership and the occupation of road and parking resources to a certain extent, which is encouraged to develop, but with large-capacity public transport Compared to still a non-intensive way of travel, need to consider, because the city policy.

The first is the user experience to be improved. A few shared car service, credit review for a long time, cumbersome process, 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan, up to 4,000 yuan deposit, in order to prevent traffic violations up to one month deposit refund time, to the user's feelings can not be considered good. And most of the shared car to implement the site of the operation, can not be achieved with the follow, the user does not have to pay the car parking fees, but the 'last mile' but also connected to share the cycle, it is the focus of users Tucao. In addition, those who take the 'relay car' model to achieve with the follow-up to share the car brand, often parking costs by the next 'relay' users to pay, even if the return of a certain number of virtual currency repayment, Affect the user experience. Capital investment, high operating costs, to achieve profitability difficult. To Universal car, for example, the current main model purchase price of about 60,000 -10 million, the future will also expand the higher prices of models. In addition to vehicle procurement, insurance, parking fees, charging pile installation costs, professional team regular maintenance costs and data network operation and maintenance costs, etc., can not be underestimated.

Followed by the existing laws and regulations and related supporting policies are not perfect. In order to eliminate the joint and several liability of the owner of the vehicle when a traffic accident occurs, in addition to signing a clear car sharing agreement, the car sharing enterprise mostly protects the owner against the risk by purchasing large insurance. For the operator, the more headache Throttle Position Sensor is the credit system can not be fully covered in the case of sharing the car facing the operation and maintenance and supervision of the vacuum zone: such as sleeping in the car and other bad health habits, take the car car driving lead to cut rub, To avoid fines and so on.

   The use of large data to improve vehicle management and scheduling efficiency, and insurance companies to explore a reasonable fee model to reduce the premium, the global car is to explore the use of its own car network, charging pile, operating systems and data systems, Test drive, the delivery of new cars, for ordinary users of the maintenance, large value-added services such as services. Through technology and model innovation, so that members can 'flash rent' to achieve anytime, anywhere car, through the 'fast' to achieve anytime, anywhere car, completely solve the car share the user pain point.