Want to put us from the cloud floor, from the cloud landing process in the physical level requires Sensor an important component - the sensor. The car sensor itself is a product of automotive electronics. In our narrow sense, the four automotive sensors, namely, the size of the pressure, temperature, position and speed sensors in the global market demand, is estimated to reach 25 billion by 2020, at a rate of about 5% per year in rapid growth.

  Here I am talking about just the four pressure, speed, temperature and position sensors that do not include chemistry and a variety of other sensors. In this way, China itself has become one of the world's largest three automotive sensor markets. And there is no doubt that in the next few years with the implementation of emission regulations and safety regulations, with the vigorous development of the entire market, China will become the world's largest automotive sensor market.

  As the name suggests the sensor is the electronic product, the physical signal through the digital, electronic way to express, and then to the controller ECU to provide relevant, accurate, real-time, accurate digital signal. The driving force of the entire automotive sensor industry, it should be said that it is the eternal theme of our automotive industry - more energy efficient, safe and Suction Control Valve environmentally friendly. In the past one or two years have experienced some important events, we all know that in North China, in many places in China, the problem is very serious haze. Although the state has taken a lot of measures, these two days Beijing haze again, but this problem will accompany us for a long time. China is like this, the developed countries are actually facing some challenges, such as the public's diesel door events. In fact, for environmental protection, especially for energy-saving emission reduction challenges, not only in developing countries, developed countries are also facing such challenges.

  Sometimes there will be some black swan events. Such as ADAS, in our industry recently regret that heard the first unmanned death caused by the incident, that in order to make the world more clean, safe, energy saving, we have a lot of work to do, this is our This car sensor market is always the driving force of the market.

  Tire pressure sensor. 30% of China's previous car accidents occurred because of the tire pressure is too low caused by friction overheating and then lead to tire burst. In the accident of the expressway due to abnormal tire pressure caused by the accident rate of 50%, tire pressure has become the main factor affecting safety. If the tire pressure can be normal, in terms of mortality and traffic accident rate will be greatly reduced. From another point Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of view, this is a new perspective, from the energy-saving emission reduction, statistics show that if the car's tire pressure can be normal, the country can save 1.01 million tons of gasoline and nearly 10 billion fuel costs. So that tire pressure sensor is not only a safe accessory, or an important energy-saving emission reduction accessories.

From the global legislation, the United States is the world's first implementation of the mandatory tire pressure regulations of the country, this has been implemented for ten years. Such car traffic accidents in the United States have been drastically reduced by the implementation of this regulation. Later, Europe is also introduced two years ago, mandatory regulations, South Korea is also implemented, Taiwan is also implemented from this year. We are the participants themselves, very pleased to see our country on the national standard fuel metering valve of the birth of the official pressure, the provisions of the new car from January 1, 2019 from the implementation of 100% of the tire pressure configuration. I believe the future of China will become the world's largest tire pressure system market. At present, China's entire tire pressure assembly, as before, ABS, ESP system is the same as there is no regulatory requirements, to last year's tire pressure system loading rate has reached 25%, a quarter of the passenger car has been equipped with a tire Pressure system, which is a good trend. It is expected that by 2019, the system will load 60%, as other developed countries have reached 100%, China will inevitably come to 100% of the standard situation.

  Senta Tower is the world's largest system of tire pressure supplier, covering a wide range of demanding applications, can achieve any strict standards. The core technology itself is also a chip company, tire pressure related to the chip are designed, including the valve is their own design and production. So compared with other industry colleagues, I was the only one to do the chip, but also the sensor and the valve of the car company. Which is why you can occupy the vast majority of the global market share. The product covers a wide range, including motorcycles, including passenger cars, including low-end, interrupted, high-end and SUV. Because tire pressure itself Temperature Sensor is a system, not a single sensor, including ECU-related software and strategies, including the previously mentioned pressure, temperature, speed and position of the four sensors, which provide a full range of system solutions. I believe that this ability can give customers a very good value.

To give an example of a function, the tire pressure sensor has a very important function called self-positioning, he actually through the associated ABS system and TPMS unit information to calculate and analyze, to get accurate four wheel positioning of the car. To achieve the relevant functions of the manufacturers, we can say that the current is still very limited, and our related technology has been around the world to achieve such a function, greatly saving ABS Sensor the cost of post-sale tire installation and positioning, saving the entire car production and installation Of the working hours, and even we do not need the vehicle off the assembly line detection tools.

Here to emphasize the core competence itself is a custom dedicated TPMS chip and provides the entire tire pressure system design and development. At the same time, we may know that two years ago the acquisition of Clyde, the whole company has been integrated into the local integration. Since the acquisition, the first thing is in China to set the relevant R \u0026 D and production capacity. So in China there are tire pressure products the most advanced production lines and a strong R \u0026 D team.

This is the tire pressure in China to implement the production capacity in Changzhou, China each year has 10 million output value, but also services around the world different customers. I believe tire pressure technology will be developed in China very fast, the cost of his popularity will be very fast down. Quanergy is a Silicon Valley start-up company, Sentazar makes the entire LIDAR product-level R \u0026 D and production sales, Quanergy makes product theory and pre-research. This cooperation Throttle Position Sensor is exclusive, that is, Quanergy and Saskatta only a company in the global automotive market to do all the products. It is also the largest shareholder and board member of Quanergy.

This cooperation is believed to give the future unmanned driving the most advanced, most reliable technology and the lowest cost. Tire pressure sensors and Quanergy's laser radar technology can become a very valuable solution for customers to bring ADAS.

China is the world's largest base, headquarters in Shanghai, R \u0026 D center in Changzhou, production base in Changzhou and Yangzhou. Providing more than 50 sensor solutions to the car, including direct injection of gasoline inside the engine, including diesel common rail, including some other speed and location of the sensor and so on. There are a variety of sensor solutions in the gearbox, including a variety of sensor solutions in the chassis, including in the body.

In addition to cars, in the truck, in the non-road mobile devices which also have a lot of customization solutions for sensors, China is the world's largest market. I believe that with China's development, the safety and emission Pressure Switch requirements will be more and more, will give birth to more automotive electronics and sensors combined. Automotive intelligent network, and strive to the entire industry and the world to bring the most secure, economical and environmentally friendly solutions.