From the use of automotive electronics can be divided into four categories: power control systems, security control systems, communications and entertainment systems and body electronics systems. The automotive industry with information technology Sensor and consumer electronics and other applications gradually penetrate them, the traditional automotive industry or will face from the mobile Internet, consumer electronics industry and other new industries impact.

   Automotive installation of the sensor has three purposes: First, safe, such as air defense airbag safety monitoring; Second, energy saving, reduce environmental pollution; third is comfortable. Due to the diversification of the electronic control system of the automobile, the number of sensors is increasing and the number of sensors is increasing, and new and high precision, high reliability, low cost and intelligent sensors are developed. In the performance, has a strong ability to resist external electromagnetic interference Temperature Sensor to ensure that the quality of the sensor signal is not affected in the particularly harsh conditions of use to maintain a high accuracy; in the structure, with a compact structure, easy installation advantages , So as to avoid the impact of mechanical properties.

  With the increasing proportion of automotive electronics in the vehicle, MCU (micro-control unit) in the field of automotive applications will exceed the number of home appliances and communications used to become the world's largest MCU applications. The rapid exchange of large amounts of data, high reliability and low cost is the requirement of automotive electronic network system. The internal structure of the vehicle mainly depends on the bus transmission technology, its advantages are: to reduce the number of harness and harness volume, can improve the reliability and maintainability of electronic systems; use of common sensors to achieve the purpose of data sharing; system software system Functional changes to improve system flexibility and so on. To satellite communications, mobile communications, computer technology as the basis for the development of automotive electronic products and applications, to achieve computer, communications and consumer electronics products '3C' integration. Such as: vehicle positioning, autonomous navigation, wireless communications, voice recognition, travel information, electronic anti-collision products, road communications and multimedia vehicle terminals. Fiber optic signal transmission Speed Sensor in the application of the new control theory and methods of a large number of applications, Bluetooth technology are the development trend of automotive electronics technology.
   (Including computer, satellite positioning, communication, control and other technologies to provide safety, environmental protection and comfort functions and services of automotive electronics), electronic voice synthesis, the use of voice function control (voice recognition), audio devices (radio CD player, DVD player, etc.), car TV, car computer, car phone, car navigation (GPS), new display technology (monitor and projector), Internet and computer.
   The most commonly used parking assist system is the reversing radar system (PDC system) and the use of sonar sensors. Their role is to help the driver 'see' the invisible things in the rearview mirror, or to remind the driver that they are behind object. PDC system works is usually in the car's rear bumper or front and rear bumper set radar detectors, used to detect front and rear obstacles to help the driver 'see' front and rear obstacles, or parking And its car distance, this device in addition to convenient parking outside the body can not be protected from scratch.

   ADAS design is not to control the vehicle, but to provide the driver with the vehicle environment and vehicle operating conditions and other related information to remind the driver to pay attention to potential hazards, thereby enhancing traffic safety. Such as lane departure warning system using CMOS camera sensor, night vision system using Throttle Position Sensor infrared sensors, adaptive cruise control system (ACC) is usually used radar technology, and parking assist system is the use of ultrasonic technology.