The Leksell Gamma Knife is a possible, non-invasive option or supplemental treatment to traditional nuclear physics. This kind of exceedingly complex technology specifically guides centered radiation to particular focuses in the brain. Typically performed in a single outpatient treatment session without general anesthesia, this demonstrated stereotactic radio surgical procedure enables patients avoid incision, blood loss, scarring, and long hospital stays while limiting surgical complication. For some conditions, Gamma Knife treatment is the most precise type of stereotactic radio surgery accessible.

Benefits of Gamma Knife Treatment in India:

Unlike different treatments, Gamma Knife treatment:

  • Involves no incision, so there is no surgical injury to the brain
  • May be used in difficult to-treat or inoperable cases—for example, when tumors lie profound inside the brain or in those situations where illness or advanced age avert surgery
  • is focused on, so there is a significantly decreased possibility of damage to surrounding tissue or adjacent structures
  • requires no general anesthesia, taking out the danger of anesthesia-related effects is usually performed in a single session and in an outpatient setting, dispensing with extensive hospital stay
  • results in practically zero patient discomfort, and patients can come back to normal activity soon, mostly within one day
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