If you’re a nature lover, you will want to explore a little wildlife while away on holiday. If that destination is in or around Ocean City, Maryland this year or next, you might be interested to learn about the Assawoman Wildlife Area, which has 3 large land tracts which equates to about 3,100 acres of wilderness. This area is right near Frankford and Little Assawoman Bay.

There is so much you can see here. You could even see a bald eagle! There is also pileated woodpeckers and river otters. You could take a kayak out and spot some of these otters right there in their natural habitat.

You can use the onsite observation tower to get a better look of some areas. You can also access two boat ramps, and if you want a guide to tell you where to see the best sights then you can book onto the preplanned auto tour.

Other wildlife in Ocean City

You will find that the ocean has some wonderful marine life if you’d like to explore some of these fantastic creatures. If you hire a speed boat out on the ocean you’ll also have the opportunity to spot a pod of dolphins. These are specifically bottlenose dolphins, which are not endangered species but are a great joy to see. There is no set time that these dolphins like to come out to play, so try them in the morning first and then the evening to see if you can see them frolicking in the water. A pod can consist of up to 10 dolphins so on a good day you can really be in for a treat!

Staying in Ocean City

It’s a good idea to stay in a hotel near the wildlife park to get the best out of your trip. There are plenty of hotels in Ocean City which make a good stopover, but none quite like the Grand Hotel Ocean City, which is a home away from home. By staying close to the ocean in this hotel, you can maximise your chances of seeing a dolphin pod on your stay and get down to the seafront in the morning to see if you can spot a pod!

Travelling to Ocean City

Ocean City is accessible from Route 50 in Eastern Maryland, Route 1 (coastal highway) in Delaware, and Route 90. If you’re into walking, when you get into Ocean City, everything can be accessed by walking if you choose to. Ocean City is very navigable. You might end up waiting to cross Coastal Highway in summer due to heavy traffic. Driving should be avoided in Ocean City because of very heavy traffic. If you want, you can travel by public transport. The Ocean City Municipal Bus operates over the entire city from 146th street to 1st and it costs $3 for a day pass. Many taxis are also available. You can even choose what kind of car you might want to travel in, ranging from '50s classic cars to modern mini vans.