The technology industry prepares the commercial display fingerprint identification sensor, when the user touches the display screen can distinguish the fingerprint, does not need to install the independent button, but the commercial this year will not happen. Although the smart phone manufacturers secret competition, would like Sensor to take the lead in the display fingerprint sensor technology business, but Apple did not put it into the strategic plan, the second half of this year launched the smart phone will not introduce the display fingerprint recognition sensor, because the technology there Great obstacles need to cross.

  Apple's next-generation iPhone's display does not integrate fingerprint recognition. In fact, Apple's iPhone 5.85-inch flexible OLED screen in the design did not take into account the fingerprint recognition function. Apple is said to be installed in the back of the iPhone OLED display metal. Because the installation of the metal plate, in support of 3D Touch technology, so Apple is unlikely to install the ultrasonic sensor, to introduce the display fingerprint recognition, equipped with ultrasonic sensor is a good idea. The new iPhone's screen covers the front panel Temperature Sensor of the entire phone, so there is no place to place the fingerprint recognition sensor. Because there is no space to install the sensor, Apple can not be integrated in the upper part of the display panel fingerprint identification components.

   Fingerprint recognition technology is quite difficult. If the fingerprint recognition sensor is placed on the top of the screen, it does not affect the quality of the display. Ensuring the transparency of the sensor is also a priority. If the sensor is placed on the back of the display, the success rate of the fingerprint recognition will be reduced. Once the fingerprint identification sensor failure, to repair will be very difficult. Even if one ABS Sensor day the display sensor technology is really commercially available, it is also a question of whether it is practical enough.