Designed exclusively for Boomeon by Carolyne Brennan of Hot Dot Designs.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed to make these earrings

• 16 gauge  wire x  12cm (artistic wire)
• 2 x 16 or 18 mm beads ( I have used my handmade ceramic beads measuring 18 x 11mm)
• 2x 10mm copper beads
• 2 x 8mm closed rings
• 4 x 6mm bead caps
• 2 x Ear wires

Don’t worry if you have not got the exact sizes of the materials required for this project -- use what you have and practice!

Tools needed to make these earrings

• Jewelry cutters   I have linked this back to my blog for an article I wrote on cutters
• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Nylon jaw pliers
• Metal hammer and anvil

TIP****** Practice beating the wire before you approach this project -- practice will give you the desired shape spirals

Spiral Earring DIY Instructions

Step 1

Take one of the wires and with your round nose pliers make a loop at the end:

Step 2

Change over now to your chain nose pliers and start your spiral (it can be any size you like just make sure it is relevant to the size of the bead) then change over to your nylon jaw pliers to prevent marking the wire:

Step 3

When you are satisfied with the shape of the spiral, work on the second one and try and get them as close as possible to each other in size. (It does not have to be perfect!):

Step 4

Take you chain nose pliers and bend and guide the straight wire back into the middle of the spiral shape:

Step 5

Take your wire spiral and put it on the anvil and beat it flat with your metal hammer. Hold your hammer flush to the anvil -- if you hit the wire at an angle you will mark it! Having said that, if you want texture on you spirals hit the wire on the angle, or the other end of the hammer. I would suggest you  practice first, and if you do not have a jeweler's hammer and anvil I would try raiding your toolbox and use whatever you can find to play with until you get the correct tools :)

Step 6

Thread the beads and bead caps on your spiralled beaten wires:

Step 7

A little tip: Take an 8mm bead and place it on the wire, hold it down on the shaft, and cut above the bead:

Step 8

Do this to both wires, and this will give you the correct length to cut for your loops:

Step 9

Taking your round nose pliers, loop the wire toward you to make a complete loop for your ear wire:

Step 10

Take your chain nose pliers and open your loop away from you, and slide on your ear wire. Bring the loop back into place:

Make sure all your work is as neatly finished as you can make it, and...

VOILA! You now have this great pair of spiral earrings to wear!

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The next piece we'll make will be a pair of classic earrings with a touch of Bling! They'll have a beaten wire segment, too -- so grab your hammers and practice beating that metal flat!


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