Bidets were frowned upon once in the U.S., but its popularity is now accepted worldwide. Bidets are used to wash and clean the body after a bathroom use, without using toilet tissues. The user’s position for washing the frontal genital sex organ, is by facing the nozzle, and for washing the back end of the body, users should sit with their backs to the wall.

Standard bidets have manual adjustable seat settings, front and back sprayer that users can use to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water, and a soft seat and soft lid. The more expensive bidet models allow users a more direct control of the sprayer nozzles, self-cleaning functions, adjustable warm air dryer, self-flushing system, a hygienic air filter, and a sensing self-opening and closing lid.

Bidets are available in a variety of designs, such as: electric model with a sprayer nozzle system, filtering system, and massaging options; basic bidet without electricity where you can choose to adjust the water stream according to a user’s requirements; modern bidets with remote control features; and travel bidets which are compact models with carrying cases, and soft push button knob.

Bidet companies’ offer warranties on bidet seats, however, it is a general health policy that personal hygiene products that come in contact with the human body, are non-returnable. Some companies do offer a replacement warranty if a bidet arrives defective and in its original packaging, as long as it is done within 30 days from the day of purchase. Bidet toilet seat companies, however, do offer different yearly warranties on all parts, installation labor costs, and is dependant upon the type of bidet purchased.

Bidet seat reviews favor many popular bidet models, such as the bio bidet BB 1000 and the Coway BA13. Available in different colors and styles, the latest technique for the bio bidet BB 1000, is it’s easy to use remote control, which allows users to personalize the water temperature, water pressure with a gentle oscillating massage feature. The electric BB-1000 bidet is equipped with power saving system; effective deodorizer with a carbon filter; hygienic 1 pocket 3 nozzle systems, advanced seat sensor, slow hydraulic seat and cover feature.

The bidet seat reviews on the Coway BA13 are also very favorable with this high end toilet seat. The Coway BA 13 has sensor, instant heating capabilities, because it senses when you sit down and warms up, but saves money, by decreasing the temperature when you raise up. The BA 13 is built with a wide spraying area; filtered deodorizing system; side mounted, easy to use remote control features; self-cleaning sterile system for the cleansing of the spraying nozzles.

Even though some bidet toilet seat models use an electric cord, they have built in safeguards to prevent the electric cord and the use of water spraying, far away from each other. Not only is the bidet electric cord technology safe to use near water, but it comes with a self-diagnose feature. This feature automatically activates if there is a surge or decreases in the electric current and will alert the owner, as well as the ability to automatically shut off.

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