Also known as ‘testes’, testicles are pear-shaped male reproductive glands which are located behind the penis. Testosterone hormone and sperm are an indication of fertility in men. Testicles play an important role in their normal production. Any abnormality in testicles may give rise to various diseases including testicular cancer. Testicular cancer can be defined as a state which develops due to formation and multiplication of abnormal malignant tissues and cells in testicles of men. These cancerous cells in testicles can negatively affect a man’s ability to become a father and lead to various life-threatening complications. Testicular cancer treatment cost mainly depends on the extent of spread of cancer and facilities provided by respective health care center.

Primary Warning Signs of Testicular Cancer

It is tough to identify testicular cancer in its developmental stages. However, there are certain indications which may help a patient to understand regarding an underlying abnormality in testicles. The following list exhibits the primary warning signs of testicular cancer.

·        Painless Lump in Testicle - Patients might observe a painless lump in their testicle. In most instances, a lump or tumor in testicle is an indication of testicular cancer.

·        Swelling Around Testicle - Swelling around testiclewhich persist for more than two weeks is a cause of concern in men. Prior assuming anything, one should take an appointment with a doctor for identifying the root cause.

·        Early Puberty - Facial and body hair growth and voice changes mark the beginning of puberty in boys. It has been observed that abnormal cancerous cells may increase the production of male sex hormones at a young age. Boys who experience puberty earlier than the normal age should definitely visit a doctor and check their health status.

Symptoms of Testicular Cancer That Has Spread

Testicular cancer may spread to other body parts if it is not recognized in its early stage. Testicular cancer which has spread to other body parts of patient may show the following symptoms.

·        Low Back Pain - Sometimes, patients may experience severe pain in lower back region and abdominal area as well due to spread of testicular cancer.

·        Pain in Chest - Intense pain in chest and coughing up blood are the clear signs of cancer. In such cases, patients must seek a prompt health care treatment.

·        Frequent Headaches - Frequent headaches can be caused due to a number of diseases including testicular cancer which has spread to patient’s brain.

Patient should not delay and look out for a staunch testicular cancer treatment and avoid further complications.

How to Do Testicular Self-Exam?

Men must check for any lump or swelling in their testicles on a regular basis. It is absolutely normal to have a testicle slightly larger than other. Patients should clean their hands and feel their testicles slowly by moving fingers gently over them. They must visit a doctor if they observe any change in dimensions or appearance of a testicle or both testicles.

Doctors may recommend a surgery for removal of the cancerous testicle. In such instances, patients may opt for testicular implant procedure after completion of testicular cancer treatment. Doctors can reconstruct the testicle lost in surgery and restore its normal appearance. However, testicular implant cost may vary depending on the type of implant used and patient’s overall condition.