Life car there will always be some minor problems, and car repair is a technical live, in the maintenance process need to pay attention to a lot of places, but some owners in the car when the problem, like their first hands-on, but because it is not professional Sensor Of the maintenance staff, in the course of the repair will often use some of the wrong means of repair to deal with their own cars, which often led to their own car injured on the injury, the following editor describes some common vehicle maintenance errors.

  In the wheel repair, a small number of private owners in order to prevent the wheel bolts and nuts rust, the installation of ingenuity to the bolts and nuts are coated with lubricants, not knowing this approach is not only wrong, but also to traffic safety to bring some hidden dangers. Bolts and nuts are tightened and have a self-locking property. And coated with lubricants, the self-locking coefficient between the two smaller, self-locking performance decline. In the car at high speed, the bolts and nuts are easy to loose or even fall off, causing traffic accidents. Summer Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the common private car owners while washing the body with water, while wiping with a rag, in this to remind the private owner is: the body is best not to use water directly flush. Because the lower part of the cab floor pad is not 'a horse Pingchuan', the structure of the need to make the floor under the pad of the floor pad, through the hole is very much. After rinsing with water, either deposited in the groove is not easy to dry, or from the hole to the gearbox and other components to produce corrosion. Especially the better sealing performance of the car can not be directly washed with water inside the body. The correct way is to wipe with a wet cloth, but to avoid water.

  Everyone knows that the engine coolant should be added in a timely manner, but do you use different brands of coolant temperature together? If so, advise you to put the coolant as early as possible to re-add the same brand of coolant. Because different brands of coolant its chemical properties may vary widely, such as the effective protection of ferrous metals, but often have corrosion Temperature Sensor of aluminum products; and for aluminum alloy preservatives are harmful to ferroalloys. Because different brands of coolant used in different preservatives, it can not be mixed use.

  Start the engine before stepping on the feet of the throttle, is the habit of many drivers, especially in the winter when the cold start. But this method does not apply to the launch of the EFI car. The engine with the electronic fuel injection device is different from the ordinary carburetor engine. Its fuel injection control device can automatically adjust the oil supply according to the engine temperature and working condition, so that the engine can start smoothly, that is, Fuel injection control device can automatically increase Pressure Sensor the fuel supply. Therefore, the EFI car engine starts, there is no need to step on the gas, not to start before the continuous emergency step, otherwise the engine started to bad.