Well, youve in all probability read or heard the newest controversial stories on the news. First theres the $14,000 dessert being offered in Sri Lanka. Then theres the study that women dont talk greater than men. The study claims that both women and men say the same number of phrases every day. Lastly, theres the courting service that posted billboards saying: Life is short, have an affair.

Each one of those got millions of dollars value of publicity. So, in case you have a look at each of those merely as publicity stunts, they have been all extraordinarily successful.

You may have your personal feelings about each of those tales (so do I) however thats not what were speaking about. Had been talking about the usage of controversy as a instrument to get large amounts of publicity.

Lets check out each of those. Do you really assume the restaurant in Sri Lanka cares in the event that they promote even one of the $14,000 desserts? Of course not. They needed the publicity. They need to have the ability to say that they hold the worlds document for the highest priced dessert on earth. In the event that they do sell any of the desserts, thats icing on the cake pun intended.

How about that study about men and women talking the same number of words each day, refuting the commonly held belief that women talk greater than males. Ive received a serious drawback with that. Based on what I learn about this study, it was no study at all. It was actually the opinion of the person writing the press launch. Sorry, I cant buy this one.

If you are going to create controversy based mostly on a study or different information you might be quoting, youd darn nicely higher be sure the data is accurate. Choosing data out of the air is unethical and quite probably illegal. Im not having something to do with that nonsense.

If, for instance, you need to make a prediction about the future of properties sales over the subsequent year, thats simply positive. Thats your prediction, your opinion. But merely making up information with none basis of reality go away me out. And now the final one the one in regards to the relationship service encouraging people to have affairs.

Thats a really controversial stand. The interviews I saw this guy do weren't smooth, candy and friendly. But the guy who owns the relationship service stood his floor. Did he really believe what he was saying? I have no idea. If he did, he scored an enormous touchdown for his courting service. If he merely made the remark to stir up the media, once again Im out. I would like nothing to do with that nonsense.

Tlisted below are so many opportunities for you to get publicity. I dont care what your product, service, enterprise, cause or issue is, you've unimaginable publicity possibilities.

If you may have a really controversial stand on a problem, get on the market and let the media know. Be prepared for an entire vary of response from the media. But in case you really believe what youre saying, you should not have any problems.

Several years ago when I used to be doing interviews to promote my ebook on relationship and relationships, I sent out a press launch with the headline: Dating Expert Tells Women to Clever Up and Cease Whining! The media went insane especially the feminist media.

But I really believed what I stated in the release. In essence, my point was that ladies often complain about their miserable courting life, but they do little or no to correct the problems. They sometimes look ahead to something to happen. They watch for males to call them. They anticipate males to approach them. They look forward to an extended, long time, since little occurs until they take action.

When I did the interviews, I sounded clear, calm and nicely- reasoned. So, by the top of the interview every one of the reporters agreed with me and that i wound up promoting a ton of books.

Every single day of the yr, you've got publicity alternatives parade right in front of you. You'll be able to sit there and watch them go on by. Or, you'll be able to study the best solution to get publicity and benefit from the life youve be hoping for.

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