I am a Quality Life Coach. I help women balance succeeding in their careers while still cultivating healthy growing relationships at home. Recently I have had quite a few clients who's main concern is their adult children. It is a challenge for many baby boomers to enjoy their lives when they are not sure their children have the skill set, knowledge or will to take care of themselves. I am a parent of 3 girls and have done parent coaching for years. The set of rule's applied to adult children is very different then those that we apply to our growing children. This shift is where many parents get stuck. 

I am interested on the extent of this growing dilemma facing todays parents. I hope that we can discuss the issues and come up with tools, options and support to live more joyfully while empowering our adult children to stand on their own.  Please share your story, concerns and suggestions. Thank you Lupe Padilla Mitchell RuLuLife.com