Do you rember the little store by the Burlington train tracks called Jimmys or the candy store onWashington St. called Cherrys? How about the Colonial food mart at the end of First st? How about Rapps backery. great long johns and bismarks and those wonderful twists. Two more great "hang out spots" The Picadaly and Howies Bowling Alley. Were you ever terrorized by the Rienkegrocery delivery truck drivers because you threw snow balls at them? Do you remember the name of that wonderful lady who collected your .25 cent movie tickeks when you didn't sneak in? Mrs Avegaris. As we aged and could drive Gabels was the hot spot along with Big Boys in LaGrange. LaGrange what a rivalary. Swimming at the quary or going to the Indiana Dunes. That was the best. Other fond memorries have to include The Cypress, Shipwreck Kellys.Louis and the Saddle Club