We should never measure our own self-worth by the size of our bodies. If anything, the right measurements physically are what we do feel comfortable with overall, so no more needs to be said. However, plenty people still feel insecure because of their weight or look, and they don’t' tend to like themselves a whole lot because of it. So, with this said, body image can indeed affect your life in all areas if you allow it to. This even pertains to sex in the bedroom.

What is Body Image?

Body image is the way that you do view your body. It is not at all about the way others do see you. You have a special way of looking at you, and though it should be a favorable view, sometimes people do have issues when they give themselves a good hard look. This good hard look may not be very good at times and it can make a man or a woman feel not at all good about them. This can go on to create other issues in their personality and the way that they do carry themselves. Not having a good body image of yourself will make you develop a low opinion of yourself, as well as foster low confidence, and love self-esteem.

What is Self-image?

Self-image is something that does concern itself with the way you see yourself as a person. You either see yourself in a good light or a negative light. Some people tend to see themselves in a little bit of both at times. Therefore, when you are viewing yourself as a person, this is one of the most important of all views that can even cancel out the body view. This is because the body view is more about physical surface and not about what lies inside of each person. Self-image defines who you are as a person to yourself and to others around you.

 What is Healthy Body Image?

A healthy body image is one that is of acceptance and balance on all fronts by you. It means that you are happy and comfortable within the confines of your own skin. You don't feel bad about you at all or the way you look to yourself and others. You are accepting of who you are and what you are which cancels out all else. You also don't measure your self-worth based only on your looks and body. You take in the scene of the entire person from head to toe and inside and outside combined. The total package and that is the best and healthy of all images to have.

Is being comfortable in one's own skin a strong component of sexual satisfaction?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. You have to like you and be comfortable with yourself. This means in and out of the bedroom. If you like yourself on all fronts, no matter where you are, and who you are with. You are indeed comfortable in your own skin, and it doesn't matter if that skin is dressed or naked, you like yourself for who you are in every respect that matters most. Sexual satisfaction comes from those who are happy with who they are and with their sexuality on all fronts.

If a woman doesn't like herself, can she fully enjoy the sexual experience or not?

The answer to this question is an obvious no. If a woman doesn't like herself. She will like herself even less in the bedroom and especially during the act of sex. She will only go all out to please her partner and not please herself. If she doesn't like herself. How can she really enjoy sex for her? She must be comfortable within her own skin at all times and this does hold true in the bedroom when being intimate with someone else. Her self-love should shine through when she is making love and sharing love with the great body and personage that God did give to her naturally. She can only fully enjoy sex, if she loves who she is, in addition to loving whom she is with to.


You should never view yourself as being not good enough for anything. Each of us are valuable and do count in our own ways. Body image is indeed a surface thing. What lies beneath is far more important than what is above the skin and what others do tend to see. You need to be happy and accepting of yourself. It's not about what other people think. Therefore, don't let body image get you down, and feel less about yourself because you aren't perfect like celebrities or what not. You are still special to you and all those you love.