Baby Boomers,

How fast does time move for you?

That is a tough and very complicated question.

It has been a week since my last blog entry.

What happened?

I guess I let "life" take over.

I guess, that different parts of "life" became more important. 

I guess, without realizing, I reclassified my priorities for a while.

Hey, I know what I did during these last 7 days but my goodness is it that easy to lose focus?

It must be because it seems to happen to me all of the time.

Here's a short list of what happened to me over the last week:

  • I watched my Granddaughters while attending a Grand Opening celebration at a community business
  • I moved my entire office to my new home
  • My Grandsons Frankie and Marc celebrated their Birthday's (both on the same day)
  • I cleaned my garage
  • My car was "dinged" twice in parking lots
  • I attended 5 networking events and 2 Chamber of Commerce Meetings
  • I reached out via email to 3 "old" friends I haven't spoken to in over 25 years

This doesn't seem like a lot when I look at the list but I don't feel that any of these events were directly responsible for me losing track of my priorities and changing my lifestyle from where it has been for the last six months.

It just seems like I run out of time every day to get accomplished what I set out to do.

Does that make sense?

Two of my top priorities this year was to complete the Rosetta Stone Spanish program and to get in good physical shape in order to hold off the inevitable effects of my advancing years. 

Not only has it been a week since I have been on my blog here, but it has been much longer than that since I have touched my Spanish program. 

It seems like every day has zipped by soooo fast that it became increasing harder and harder to carve out an hour to sit down in front of my computer and focus on my Spanish. 

And although I continue to "plank" and try to do at least 25 chin-ups a day it has been even longer since I have formally worked out.

What am I doing and why am I so tired at the end of each day?

A couple of weeks ago I brought my bike to my new house from storage with the plan to ride in the evenings when it it cooler.  The other day, when I was cleaning the garage, I noticed both tires were flat, one of the brake handles was off, the entire bike was filthy and dusty and there were rags draped over the handlebars.  Is this an allegory of how I am living my life?  Hopefully, I will not reach the same fate as my bike where all I become is a makeshift, ineffective framework of what I once was.
OK, that sounds pretty  melodramatic and will never happen but this whole "time" thing has me confused and it seems to be some sort of ironic joke of the universe.
I have been doing some research on this phenomena for some time now and I am afraid to report that there are no clear, clean cut, scientifically definite explanations as to why "time flies".

I have found some great personal philosophies that I will share with you over the course of this week but I guess what I am really needing to figure this all out is your help.

Please reread that last sentence.  I am looking for your help.  Would you please write back to me and let me know if you are as confused by how quickly time passes as I am.  Here are some questions to get you started:

Do you believe "time moves faster the older you get?"

Are you a "victim" of this phenomena?

What do you think causes this to happen?

Does it seem fair to you?

Do you think there is a purpose behind this experience?

Do you have current priorities and do you find yourself constantly losing track of them?

What causes you to lose focus on your true priorities?

I told you there were a lot of questions.  So, let's figure this one out together.  Please send me your thoughts, ideas, strategies and philosophies on this subject.

One thing I do feel strongly about is that it is very important for me (and you) to take the time to analyze this experience and come as close as possible to an explanation as we can.

I look forward to our conversation