More often than not, a garage is left untidy, dirty and packed with unwanted or useless items. Many homeowners allow their garage to reach this state because the thought of cleaning it out is rather overwhelming. While putting order back into this particular part of your home can be tedious, you can make the job a whole lot simpler and quicker with these pro tips to clean out your garage.

1. Segregate the Contents of your Garage

You’ll need to separate your belongings into at least four different categories:

- Donate
- Keep 
- Pack
- Discard

Depending on the amount of things you have in the garage, it’s advisable to make separate piles for each category. As these piles start to grow, make sure that there is ample space between them so that nothing gets mixed up. Also, be practical and logical when segregating; for example, if you own a pair of bowling shoes that are in good condition but haven’t been used in years, chances are that you will never use them again. Hence, they can be given away to someone who will. 

2. Start with a Corner

It is always best to start small so that you do not overwhelm yourself with the cleanout. A front corner is a great place to start your garage cleaning haul; this is usually where smaller items are stored and hence, can be tackled quickly and efficiently before moving on to bigger, messier things in the back. It also gives you more floor space to move around freely.

3. Keep Boxes and Trash Bags Ready Beforehand

Make sure that you have enough boxes and trash bags for storing, donating and discarding. Rather than emptying out your garage and then scrambling to find resources, having them on standby allows the entire process to flow better without wasting any time. Similarly, you’ll also need to find a reliable company that offers Same-Day Rubbish Removal services so that your garage cleanout does not drag on for another day. 

4. Segregate your Rubbish for Safety

From old toys to lighter fuels; a garage is home to all kinds of odds and ends. Therefore, when filling up boxes or garbage bags to be picked up by a rubbish removal truck, be sure to separate these items into different waste types like hazardous/chemical waste, recyclable waste and electronic waste. This ensures the safety of your garage cleanout and garbage pickup. 

5. Clean and Re-Stock in an Organized Manner 

With an empty garage, cleaning will be a breeze. Get rid of any cobwebs on the ceiling and sweep and mop up the floors. To put the order back into your garage, pack up less frequently used items in boxes and store them at the back. Similarly, place larger items and boxes in the corners so that they don’t get in the way. Items that are used more often than others can be put in unsealed boxes to keep them organized. Be sure to label your boxes so that you don’t waste time finding an item at any given time.